After Earth: Will Smith’s “Cypher” Has Ironically Undecipherable Accent

Seriously, what is Will Smith’s accent supposed to be? Southern? British? Erudite? South Afrikaner? At least Jaden just goes for a low-hanging-fruit “North Florida Southern.”

I want to be¬†intrigued¬†by this movie; but I can’t seem to build much nerd fire for it. Still, it’s refreshing seeing a post-apocalyptic movie where the future isn’t dominated by short white guys and transparently pale women. Some of the science seems dubious; but I’ll give that a pass too as long as Shyamalan doesn’t throw some idiotic twist in the last quarter of the movie (THE MONSTERS ARE US! WE DID IT! WE BLEW UP! YOU DAMN DIRTY NEO-SMILODONS!). As is, this looks to be a very straight forward sci-fi action-adventure that could be worth plunking down a few bucks to escape the heat this summer.


After Oblivion

Just yesterday I was bestowing the awesomeness of post-apocalyptic imagery and movies with the “Oblivion” trailer. Today I probably need to take a lot of that back. Why? Because we get this new trailer for “After Earth.” And…yeah:

Ok, this looks bad. Not awful, and I guess it can be watchable but…eek. The biggest takeaway for me – M. Night no longer gets his name in the trailer. Hell, there’s not even a “from the director of ‘Unbreakable'” which appears on the poster. M. Night’s brand has dwindled so far it’s a liability in marketing. That’s harsh. That’s also good news because we get the “Do you know where we are? This is Earth.” line in the trailer. Thus, any twist is gone (I assume. Maybe there’s a “twist” to why Earth is a quarantined planet, but, whatever).

Interestingly…there is no post-apocalyptic imagery in this trailer at all. And, my interest isn’t that high. Would I like it more if there was a crumbling building in the background? Perhaps. Maybe if the base-jumping thing was from the top of a skyscraper I’d like it more (and then zooming through Times Square), but I doubt it. This just looks uninspiring (much like “Last Airbender” really).