Sunday Showdown: AFI vs. IMDb

#99: Toy Story (AFI) vs. Unforgiven (IMDb)

Each week I’m comparing one movie from the AFI and IMDb’s Top 100 listThis past week comparing #99 was pretty ridiculous:  AFI – Toy Story; IMDb – Unforgiven. Seriously, how do you compare these two? It would be like comparing, say, a children’s animated film to a western. Oh wait, that’s exactly what it is. The only similarity is they both had a cowboy.

Or as a friend put it: Not sure how to compare “Unforgiven” and “Toy Story”. One is an interesting story about an aging cowboy who leaves home with a new young friend. They face an implacable foe who has killed many of their kind before and struggle to overcome adversity in an unfamiliar surrounding. In the end he just wants to get home . The other is “Unforgiven”.

Toy Story’s Cowboy Woody

I mean both are great for what they are: Toy Story was the first ever feature-length movie made entirely with CGI and was also the first Pixar full length film. Plus Joss Whedon was one of the screenwriters (a huge plus for me). Kids have been screaming “To infinity and beyond!!!” to each other for years because of this stupid movie.

Unforgiven’s Cowboy Munny

Unforgiven is a dark western, directed, produced and starred in by Clint Eastwood. It won Best Picture for 1992 (certainly a step up from the last “Western” to win Best Picture before that – Dances With Wolves  in 1990). It is obviously Clint Eastwood’s hat-tip to the Spaghetti Westerns where he got his start. And it was added to the National Film Registry’s list of films to save in case of a zombie apocalypse or something like that.

How to choose, how to choose?  Neither genre is my favorite.  I find it difficult to become emotionally invested in animated films.  Westerns I usually find pretty boring – Unforgiven, for all its positive qualities, was no exception. (Although Eastwood’s William Munny does get Father of the Year award for leaving his two young children alone on the farm for weeks while he went off chasing some bounty).

But I have to choose, so my vote goes to AFI again this week for Toy Story. (Don’t worry any Unforgiven fans, it’s going to show back up at #68 against The Treasure of the Sierra Madre – that should be a good pairing).

So far the score is AFI -2, IMDb – 0.