The Threeway: Top 3 ThinkGeek T-Shirts (Janie’s Take)

If I’m not mistaken, this week’s Threeway came about since the guys figured it would 3smallmake my “loins hum like a tuning fork.”  And oh, they weren’t wrong.

ThinkGeek = wondrous

ThinkGeek + apparel = loin-humming fantasticalness

A t-shirt (Stay Calm and STFU) made my Top 3 last week. But I had no problem finding three more for this week, I just let my humming loins guide me.

geek_inside_maternity#3: As the token gal in our little group, I feel like I need to represent the women and the wee-ones. So this. I totally would’ve worn this back in my baby-making days. (Of course, if you see me in it now, it’s referring to a geeky alien). Continue reading


The Threeway: Top 3 ThinkGeek T-Shirts (Adam’s Take)

Way back last month (last week, as it were) we did our Threeway on ThinkGreek products. We had a blast but thought that we need to dive deeper. The ThinkGeek products are great. But we barely scratched the t-shirts. The t-shirts are where it’s at. So we thought we’d take another go at it this week, focusing on the shirts.

electronic_rock_guitar#3 – Electric Guitar. I love this entire line from the TG crew. The idea of shirts with electronic interactivity on them delights me to no end. The strumming guitar shirt is my favorite of the bunch (with the drum kit a close second). To bad these didn’t exist when I was growing up. I would have added them to my arsenal of weapons used to annoy my sisters. (Ed note: And to further repel potential mates) Continue reading

The Threeway: Top 3 ThinkGeek T-Shirts (Anthony’s Take)

3smallNot content to merely flirt around with ThinkGeek’s prodigious t-shirt catalog last week; we decided we needed a little more time to really dive in and pick out the gems. Made of cotton. Cotton gems, then. Like lint balls. Only…geeky…

On with the shirts!

d3e6_interesting#3: I had to include at least one “Firefly” shirt. Since I actually owned the “Curse your sudden, but inevitable betrayal” model at one point, I figured I should include this, more obscure, but equally delicious, Wash reference. Be a leaf on the wind when you wear it. Continue reading

The Threeway: Top 3 ThinkGeek Products (Anthony’s Take)

Me and ThinkGeek go way back. It was there that I cut my teeth on my burgeoning t-shirt addiction (sad was the day when the 1-Up Mushroom shirt finally gave up the ghost and was relegated to car-drying duty). But quickly I learned that is a veritable Bag of Holding (in canvas or dragon skin) for all those geeky items that you don’t ever really need; but you really need. Looking for last minute plush microbes for the kid’s stockings? ThinkGeek’s got it. Need chopsticks fashioned after Alien Chestbursters? TG has got you covered. Want to dress up like Slave Leia and pose provocatively on a Wampa-skin rug? Amazingly, the helper monkeys have anticipated your kink and have exactly what you need.

I could make a list based on the t-shirts alone (Ed Note: next week’s Threeway, we’re totally doing this); but I decided to branch out and take a deeper look into the catalog. Of course, as my colleagues have noted, nearly every page is going to have something you want. These just happened to tweak the brain chemistry tonight. Continue reading

The Threeway: Top 3 ThinkGeek Products (Adam’s Take) is wonderland. Every page holds an image of a product that I *must* have. Every single page. To prove this to myself – I just clicked on the “Doctor Who” page. I’m not even a Who fan – but I would totally love the heat changing TARDIS coffee mug. And that board game looks interesting as well. Thus, this week’s topic is hard. How can I narrow down the Top 3 products on their site? I can probably find three in the “Star Wars” section alone. Let alone food. And caffeinated soap? I do so want to try that someday.

BTW – off topic here for a second, but as I surf through the site this has me perplexed – why does categorize Bacon and Zombies together? They don’t even have any combiner zombie bacon ideas. Like a zombie-fied wild boar. They have a Star Trek Zombie shirt – why isn’t that a dual category? What purpose does this serve? Do zombies secretly love bacon as well?

Any rate, on with the Countdown: Continue reading