Public Geekvice Announcement: Justice League and JLU on Netflix Streaming

2671165-justice_league“Meh,” you say. “It’s another superhero cartoon. So what?”


Then I strap you down, turn on the Netflix feed and do your eyes all “Clockwork Orange” style.

You’ll thank me.



The Threeway: Top 3 Sci-Fi/Fantasy Couples (Adam’s Take)

3smallIt’s Valentine’s Day. That means we need to roll out the romance. What’s a geek site to do, that publishes lists every Thursday, when Thursday and Valentine’s Day intersect? We populate with Geeky Couples of course!

First, there are some couple that I think are iconic, but don’t make the list. Lois and Clark being the most notable (I just never, ever, really buy into their relationship). Or Riker and Troi (just because you are Imazadi doesn’t mean you have chemistry). Or…whatever their names are in “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind” (wonderful love story, but if I can’t remember the character names, they can’t make the list).

buffy_angel1#3) Buffy and Angel: I was tempted to put them at #1. But, honestly,the Buffy/Spike fiasco of the later seasons diminishes this couple for me. Like Anthony said, I could make an entire list of Whedon characters: Buffy/Angel, Fred/Gunn, and Wash/Zoe are just a few. Angel/Cordelia, Wes/Lilah, Willow/Oz, Angelus/Darla,  etc., they are all great. I buy into their relationships every time I watch any episode and I’m immediately torn when, inevitably, Joss stabs us with an emotional dagger. The Season 2 finale of “Buffy” (where Angelus turns back to Angel, and now Buffy must send her lover, literally, to hell) was emotionally gut wrenching. Even re-watching it a few years ago it was amazing. TV rarely gets better. Continue reading

Breaking News: Superman’s Dad Says “Kill them all!”

Well, no, not really; but the line from Costner about how far Clark should go to keep his power secret is the linchpin for me in this trailer. This is not a Superman that was raised to do what was right for the good of mankind. This is a Superman that was raised to see the human race as his enemy. NOW you’ve got my attention.

The Splash Page

Alright, apparently there’s enough inanity happening in the comic-verse, that I need to speak up or be called out by my movie-lovin’ brethren.

And, let me tell you, when a movie nerd is telling a comic nerd that there’s hot new news he needs to cover…let’s just say I had to reassess some priorities.

One of these really isn’t a spoiler (unless you’ve been on an internet sabbatical), but involves some pretty big names; the other is deeply obscure, but possibly farther reaching. Join me after the jump to soak in the nerd rage. Continue reading

Four-Color Face-Off: X-Treme X-Men vs. Superman Family Adventures

Each week, you pick two comics for me to review. On New Comic Book Day, I grab the winners and pit them against each other in a no-holds-barred grudge match to see who I’d read again. Two comics enter! One comic leaves!

Welcome to the inaugural Four-Color Face-Off. And thanks to all seven of you who voted in the poll. Made it a lot easier to rig the results so that I got the comics I wanted. On with the show!

Continue reading

Superman’s Deadliest Catch

Look! Down in the water! It’s fish! It’s a boat! It’s Superman?

Holy cow did Warner Brothers miss with their “Man of Steel” teaser. Seriously, it’s awful. It may be the WORST teaser ever. This isn’t even hyperbole. Can anyone name a worse teaser? Is anyone teased in a good way about this? Does anyone think “ohmygoshanewSupermanIcan’twaittilnextsummernow!!!”?

I’m guessing not.Superman

First, the bad. Everything. I guess it looks nice. And, if this was a movie called “Life of Fisherman” or something – it might be awesome. Heck, if it was called “Man of Steel” and was about a Fisherman. I strongly believe that most theater-goers watching this were legitimately confused until the red S symbol appears. Then, once it does, you’re left with the thought “wait, was that fish stuff?”

The only (and I’m reaching here) intriguing thing about it is that WB created two versions. One has a voice over from Kevin Costner (Pa Kent) and the other from Russell Crowe (Jor-El).The two different voice overs showcase the man the different Fathers would want their boy to become. That’s almost interesting. But, not really. And, for those keeping score, the Jor-El one is faaaaaaaar more interesting (as it least it gives us the Christ analogy that often follow the Superman mythos) and it is still awful.

I always thought Zack Snyder would bring the wrong aesthetic to Superman. I didn’t realize he would bring an entirely different wrong aesthetic though.

Here they both are. Press play and cringe. Am I wrong? (No, I’m not.) Has cinematic history ever had a worse teaser? (It’s possible – but I can’t think of one.)

First, the really bad one.

Then, the mostly bad one.
What do you all think? Can you name a worse teaser?