Shirt of the Day: Malvin and Cobbes

Oh God.

Clearly, after last week’s challenge, Ript is determined to end me.


At least when I’m homeless I’ll have the shiniest collection of makeshift blankets ever.

You’ll find it today only at Ript. May they have mercy on your wallet.


Toy Fair: LEGO Iron Man 3 Spoiler Alert!

imlego2So I saw these earlier today via Bleeding Cool; but it wasn’t until Bricken over at io9 picked up the story that I realized the leaked set pics didn’t just showcase the most ridiculous LEGO set to ever feature the “Ultimate Showdown” moniker (because, everyone knows, there’s nothing more “Ultimate” than a suped-up ATV); we were looking at full-blown legitimate spoilers for Iron Man 3.

Remember this gem that kicked things off on our fair blog?

Now take a look at the pic of the figures we get with the Malibu Mansion Attack (and try not to get distracted by the adorable Dummy fig in LEGO form). See Pepper?


Good. Now take a look at the box art. See Pepper?


No? Let me help you out there…



Axe Cop Invades Your Toy Shelf

File this under things I never expected to happen, but am supremely glad that they are (rereads that slowly to himself, outloud, backwards, trying to parse meaning…gives up): Axe Cop is getting official toys!

Your shelf can't handle this much awesome

Your shelf can’t handle this much awesome

Kick-ass versions of Axey, Wexter, Baby Man, Avocado Soldier, and…Dr. Doo Doo? look to make up the first wave. Even better, we’re getting Avocado Soldier and Wexter plushies! I know that I will sleep better at night knowing my daughter is cuddling up to a T-Rex with rail-gun arms and sunglasses (and she will too).

Serenity Now!

FireflyMagWhedon apparently dropped this image on his Facebook page without comment last night. Proving, once again, that he knows better than anyone else how to bait nerds until they’re foaming at the mouth.

“Making the most of your bunk” indeed.