By the Power of Grayskull – I Have the Sunflower (Seed…Cause I’m a Hamster)!

What’s that? You’re a Masters of the Universe nerd who prefers to showcase the fact that you love ‘roided out swordsmen (whose names all sound like something you’d find in bad gay porn) in an ironic fashion?

Well, my confused friend, Ript has the shirt for you…


You know the drill. It’s up for 24 hours. Get it or risk being called Orko at your next MotU gathering.


My Little Alien: Facehuggers are Magic

I don’t know how Ript Apparel got a Malkovich-type door into my subconcious; but there’s really no other explanation for why this exists:


If you like your magical pony-folk with a side of homicidal xenomorph, today (and today only) is your lucky day. Click the pic for the link.

Greatest Shirt of All Time

Is this the greatest shirt of all time? You could say “No.”

…you’d be wrong; but you could still say it.

8DTronIt’s available over at Ript for less than 24 hours. I suggest you don’t tarry.

Me, Grimlock Say Happy Space Thanksgiving!

Happy Turkey Armageddon from us here at Sweep-the-Leg. Enjoy a bit of pulp fiction space dino with your morning prep (be it cooking or starving yourself for the onslaught of calories later).

Me, Grimlock Want to Save Space Princess!

(It’s available over at Ript till midnight tonight in case you want to break the Thanksgiving purchasing embargo)