My Little Optimus: Pinkie Prime






My Little Alien: Facehuggers are Magic

I don’t know how Ript Apparel got a Malkovich-type door into my subconcious; but there’s really no other explanation for why this exists:


If you like your magical pony-folk with a side of homicidal xenomorph, today (and today only) is your lucky day. Click the pic for the link.

Cranky Geek Bites

I’m in a pissy mood, but apparently there are THINGS YOU SHOULD CARE ABOUT zipping around in the ether. I would provide links and whatnot; but I’m cranky. I don’t want to be bothered right now. This should get you through any casual geek conversations for another week:

  • Bryan Singer is getting the gang back together for “X-Men: Days of Future Past.” McKellen and Stewart have already signed on to reprise their roles as Magneto and Xavier, respectively; and there are rumblings today that Jackman is being wooed to SNIKT the claws out one more time. I couldn’t be happier. Those roles have always been the best cast in all the X-Men movies; and since we’re dealing with post-apocalyptic future X-Men, it makes sense to have the mentors and the immortal still kicking around.
  • Guillermo Del Toro’s kaiju flick, “Pacific Rim” has teasers galore spouting up around the web. So far there has been a monster attack video, a PSA, and leaked memos and giant robot blueprints. The robot design is impressive and the blurry-cam shots of the first kaiju is…Cloverfield-ish. So I’ll give this a 50/50 good news/bad news rating. Fingers crossed for giant nuclear dinosaurs!
  • Yesterday marked the release of IDW’s first of their ongoing “My Little Pony” series (don’t lie – I know you care about it). It’s fun, true to the new cartoon, and looks great. My five-year-old daughter and 10-year-old son were equally rapt. I would say that’s a nice accomplishment.

There…that’s all I got. Now go away while I glare at toys I can’t afford on BigBadToyStore.