Question of the Day: JCVD’s best?

I was confronted with a question today…What is the best Jean-Claude Van Damme movie? I should laugh it off. It’s not a serious question. Yet, I’m intrigued with the answer. Is it:

  1. “Hard Target” – Directed by John Woo, it is easily the best directed JCVD movie.
  2. “Bloodsport” – The one that really started the JCVD phenomena. I still remember my dad telling me I *had* to watch it.
  3. “Timecop” – the only movie he ever did with an actual plot.
  4. “JCVD” – the meta movie.

Or another? Are you a big “Death Warrant” fan? Do you think “Sudden Impact” is the best “Die Hard” rip off, and thus deserving the Best JCVD award?

What is the best JCVD movie???