Transformers Geeks Assault Hasbro, Take Over Production

Really, it’s the only explanation for the news of the Target Exclusive that dropped earlier today. Y’see; back in 87 we had Transformers characters that looked like this:

Children of the early 90s! Fear me!

Children of the late 80s! Fear me! For I am your neon doom!

Except their toys didn’t look like that at all, they looked like pink and yellow atrocities like this:

Abominus struck fear into his enemies by his shocking lack of fashion sense.

Abominus struck fear into his enemies with his shocking lack of fashion sense.

Abominus was the combined form of the Terrorcons, a team of dragons and monsters that couldn’t even be controlled by their own faction. In concept, they were pretty cool. In execution…you know who loves hot pink toys that transform into sentient robotic monsters? If you raised your hand and said that one kid in middle school Science who liked to make the frogs “dance” when you dissected them, you’d be right. So how in the Allspark is THIS getting made:

Target Abom

Coming this Fall exclusively to Target, with fairly accurate homage colors. I’m not going to question it; but I sure will buy the hell out of it.

(pics are care of the ridiculously detailed


Toy Porn: Super Mecha Disney Team – TRANSFORM!

Japan, birthplace of all things Transformers, has once again proven that there’s no concept that they can’t Japanify into a total conglomeration of “What the holy fuck?”

A couple years back, they introduced Disney Transformers. There was a Mickey that turned into…something?  Maybe there was a Donald? I have the vaguest of recollections because it didn’t appeal to me on any level. While I love Transformers, the classic Disney characters have never been my bag.

So news that Bandai (creators of Gundam, not Transformers, incidentally) was revitalizing the line didn’t do much for me until I saw what the they were revitalizing it into… Continue reading