The Threeway: Top Three Sci-Fi/Fantasy Couples (The Other Adam’s a.k.a. the Valentine’s Day Grinch’s take)

3smallI don’t care for Valentine’s Day, and fortunately I married a woman that cares for it even less than I do. So, while my fellow geeks were eating chocolate covered strawberries while wearing their gold bikinis (looking at you Bro), I was sitting in a dark room brooding over this subject (Ed note: But apparently not enough to copyedit – HEYO).

With a minimum amount of respect, I waited until it was officially not Valentine’s Day to post my dark list of the top 3 worst Sci-Fi/Fantasy couples/relationships. So for your entertainment, I submit a list of lost love and disappointment.

willow and oz#3) WIllow and Oz: As most have stated here, if you’re looking for good relationships, look no further than the Whedonverse. This can also be said for bad ones as well, but the one that always stuck out to me was Willow and Oz. One’s a werewolf and the other is an aspiring witch. Their short love seems to be happy enough; but then Oz ends up cheating on Willow after he boinks another werewolf. To rub salt into the open wound in Willow’s heart, he uses the excuse that he’s the wolf all the time inside (No, that is not a good excuse as to why you crushed the happy, pixie heart of your girlfriend.). He promptly leaves her and Sunnydale to go to Tibet to learn how to control his urges. This, however, is not the reason that this break-up hits number three on my list. When Oz leaves, Willow moves on to Tara, and thus starts the longest rebound relationship that I’ve seen in the Whedonverse. The simple fact is that there’s barely any chemistry between the two characters; and it ends up adding a rather nasty flat spot to, what I feel, is one of the stronger characters in the series. Granted, Whedon eventually kills Tara off, sparking the rage of Willow; but by that time their relationship had grown more stale then a month-old Scooby snack. Continue reading


The Threeway: Top 3 Sci-Fi/Fantasy Couples (Anthony’s Take)

3smallWe here at The Threeway understand that the community at large has varying opinions on February 14. Some see it as a schmaltzy Hallmark-manufactured holiday to be reviled, others see it as an opportunity to express their love and (hopefully) not be pepper-sprayed, still others see it as the day before Discount-Candyageddon (that fateful day when wallets and waistlines begin a devious inverse relationship).

But lets put all that aside for now and take a look at what really matters this Valentine’s Day: our favorite sci-fi/fantasy couples.

Zoe&Wash3. Zoe & Wash, “Firefly” – Alright, let’s get this out of the way, if you’re looking for gut-wrenching, kick-you-in-the-teeth relationship dynamics, you need go no farther than Joss Whedon. Honestly I could easily make this list all Whedon couples and be completely satisfied. But I’ll limit myself to one (maybe two). Zoe and Wash sport a wonderful mix of swapped gender roles (Joss loves to toy with those). But where in many hands a “hard woman, sensitive man” dynamic comes off as preachy and sensationalistic, Whedon gives us characters that are deeply comfortable with each other and with their relationship. Indeed, watching them mess with people’s heads when they try to pick at the couple is one of the things that made “Firefly” work so well.  Continue reading

The Threeway: Top 3 ThinkGeek T-Shirts (Adam’s Take)

Way back last month (last week, as it were) we did our Threeway on ThinkGreek products. We had a blast but thought that we need to dive deeper. The ThinkGeek products are great. But we barely scratched the t-shirts. The t-shirts are where it’s at. So we thought we’d take another go at it this week, focusing on the shirts.

electronic_rock_guitar#3 – Electric Guitar. I love this entire line from the TG crew. The idea of shirts with electronic interactivity on them delights me to no end. The strumming guitar shirt is my favorite of the bunch (with the drum kit a close second). To bad these didn’t exist when I was growing up. I would have added them to my arsenal of weapons used to annoy my sisters. (Ed note: And to further repel potential mates) Continue reading

The Threeway: Best TV Halloween Episodes/Specials (Adam’s Take)

I never thought the Halloween themed posts would be hard for me. I struggled with the Candy one last week (although I feel like I came up with a good list). This week…Halloween specials? The problem is that every show has a Halloween episode nowadays (hell, “Modern Family” had one). So there’s really nothing special. I could dig into the usual bag (“Great Pumpkin” for instance) but that’s too easy.


3) Treehouse of Horrors – “The Simpsons” Now, maybe Treehouse of Horror II was better (or VII or whatever). I don’t recall any specific segment of any of the episodes. But, even after “The Simpsons” went downhill, I still watched the Treehouse episode. Those times are gone now, sadly, but I still appreciate them.

2) This one is a cop-out. I was going to go with the Slutty Pumpkin from “How I Met Your Mother” but Janie used it. And, since my #1 is also on Janie’s list…I needed to change.

In my mind’s eye I have a vision. My 8-year old self watching an episode of “Knight Rider.” I don’t know if it was a Halloween episode (officially) or not. But I have an image of KITT at the Psycho house. It’s one of those freeze frames from childhood that stays with you forever. I don’t know what the episode was about (I could google it, but that seems like a waste of 10 seconds of my life) but the thought of it still freaks me out.

1) Halloween – “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” – This one takes the cake (er…candy?) for me. What any show should aspire to in a Halloween episode. It is filled with character and plot that isn’t “out of nowhere.” It fits naturally into the environment and theme of the show. Plus, it gives us our first glimpse into the background of Giles (as Ethan appears – is this the episode where “Ripper” comes from? I can’t recall (and am too lazy to check right now)).

The plot is relatively simple – the Scooby Gang buys costumes and they turn into that costume (Xander a military action figure, Willow a ghost and Buffy an 18th-Century damsel in a-dress. Bonus is that it started the tradition of Halloween-themed episodes for the show.

The Threeway: Top Fictional Bands (Anthony’s Take)

You know ’em, you love ’em, you wish they actually existed! While it’s possible that I know nothing about Hair Metal, I do know plenty of imaginary bands!

3) Dingoes Ate My Baby might have only played a handful of times in “Buffy the Vampire Slayer,” but they get a bye here; because how many bands have a lead guitarist who turns into a werewolf once a month? Oz was the wolfy badboy (back when wolfy badboy meant gawky redheaded nerd rather than oiled-up shirtless dude) and paramour of Willow. One of the best characters on the show, the fact that he was in a band was almost a given. Besides, they have one of the greatest band names of all time (and darkly ironic, considering Oz was always one bad night away from making it literal).

So, so very 90s

2) “Singles” is one of those 90s movies that anyone born after 1980-something will look upon with disdain. It was Cameron Crowe’s love letter to the Seattle music scene (as much as it was a standard Rom-Com); but I loved it. Matt Dillon’s band in the movie, Citizen Dick, was full of winks and nods to popular Seattle bands (“Touch Me I’m Dick” was a play on Mudhoney’s “Touch Me I’m Sick;” the band name itself was a nod to Citizen Sane; and so on). I was deep into the grunge scene my first year of college, so I flipped over seeing Pearl Jam and Soundgarden sitting in as band mates of Dillon. Chris Cornell of Soundgarden even recorded a couple of songs based off a set list that Jeff Ament (of Pearl Jam) had created for Citizen Dick. “Seasons” appears on the soundtrack (and is fairly forgettable); but the other, “Spoonman,” became one of Soundgarden’s biggest hits. Continue reading