Welcome to Level 7

Here’s a question for you. What do you get when you combine Marvel superheroes, fan-favorite special agents, Joss Whedon, and Buffy/Angel alum?

Why, you get my new reason to keep my cable subscription till the fall:

This longer trailer gives us more of a feel of how the show is going to play out (in the early eps at least). And for all of you who were worried that Joss had lost his TV edge, you’ll be happily disproven in the first 45 seconds of this trailer (I do love snarky banter).

Getting to see more of J. August Richards in action is a nice bonus as well. He’s heavily channeling Gunn here (but then Gunn was basically a nice, semi-superhero, so the comparison isn’t exactly surprising). The real question is who he’s playing. Sadly, African-American heroes are somewhat sparse in the Marvel Universe. Rage of the New Warriors is the popular choice right now: he’s decidedly third tier (which Joss loves to mine for diamonds), the powerset fits with what we see in the preview, and he has a history with the Avengers. I’m hoping that his identity won’t be uncovered until the pilot; but the fall season is a long way off and the network will need to drum up more press as summer wears on, so I’m not holding out hope for that. Still, if I wasn’t onboard with “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” yet, this trailer does the job and then some.


Stream this NOW

Netflix really needs to do something about telling users web things come on and off streaming. They got blasted earlier this week with Streamgate. Not to worry. They made up for it in one motion:

Cabin In The Woods is now available for streaming.

Why are you still reading? GO! Go now. Start streaming. Go!

Movie Quote Monday

I used this quote in casual conversation the other day. The correct reply was even said in retort (I love that!). Here we go:

What’s a Nubian?


I re-watched this movie the other week and…yeah…it doesn’t really hold up. If “hold up” can even be applied. Not like it was cinematic genius to begin with. Upon re-watching I felt a pang. There has never been a better example of unfulfilled talent than Kevin Smith.

Any rate – more quote from this? Throw them in the comments.

Movie Quote Monday

I’m on a plane in a few hours. Given I’m headed to Vegas (rough life) I have this movie queue up to watch en route. Not only is it endlessly quotable but it is brilliantly awesome (and far better than the original, which saddens me to say¬†immensely).

You know the rules. More quotes in the comments below. This quote is a little obscure (and possibly even sounds like a misdirect):

I’m gonna get out of the car and drop you like third period French.

’til next week…


Shirt of the Day: Malvin and Cobbes

Oh God.

Clearly, after last week’s challenge, Ript is determined to¬†end me.


At least when I’m homeless I’ll have the shiniest collection of makeshift blankets ever.

You’ll find it today only at Ript. May they have mercy on your wallet.

Movie Quote Monday

You know the usual rules. I put out a quote and you respond with another quote from the same movie. Not today! We’re mixing it up this morning.

This quote comes from “Hot Rod” and no one should be able to quote it. However, there is a great quote that asks a serious question. So this week, in the comments, answer the question:

Um, I was gonna ask you who you think would win in a fight between… a grilled cheese sandwich and a taco?

Who indeed?

2013 JoeCon Exclusives are all Lady-like, Demonstrate that Joes are Insane as Ever



JoeCon kicks off tomorrow, which means images of the con-exclusive toys are starting to trickle out.

Janie, I do believe you’re going to need to either get yourself a ticket to the con or start hitting eBay, because they obviously made this figure with you in mind:



Proof of Joe insanity after the jump (seriously, that they ever stopped Cobra from doing anything only demonstrates the severe ineptitude of Cobra). Continue reading