Angry Wars: The Video!

Continuing on my journey to self-loathing, I am 100% unable to watch this video without grinning. Is it the deeply wrong romantic attraction between the Luke & Leia birds? Is it Leia’s “love lasers?” Is it Pigsken Raiders? Is it shoddily built AT-AT’s that collapse with the slightest nudge of their legs?

Yes. All of it. Yes.



That’s it. Free time is over. Bye-bye free time.

I think it’s the Monster Bird/Chewbacca mash-up…or the Pig Star. I can’t decide which.

There’s also the inevitable toy line (with an AT-AT! AN AT-AT PEOPLE, I’M NOT MADE OF STONE!) and plushes. The announcement drops in about 30 minutes at NYCC. God help us all.


As expected, Toys R Us now has the toy sets up for pre-order. I’m not going to lie, the Piggie Rancor in the Jabba’s Palace set might be the most awesome thing ever.


AND NOW THE TOYS ARE GONE! It’s an Angry Bird/Star Wars conspiracy! We will not let this truth go uncovered! We will not let them deny you the right to look at unreleased toys! BEHOLD! Continue reading

Angry Wars

“One. Two. Three…Four?”

Counting the various versions of Angry Birds on my iPhone, I came to a decision.

“That’s it, Anthony. You have a problem. The line must be drawn. No. More. Angry. Birds.”

Then Rovio tweeted this:

“Huh…that’s interesting. But NO! The battle lines have been drawn! I will regain control of my phone!”

Then Rovio posted this over on their official tumblr:

“n….no. You can’t…you can’t make me. I…don’t…wanna…”

Then I realized that the pigs would probably be Gamorrean Guards.

“Even if it costs a million dollars it will be mine.”