Welcome to Level 7

Here’s a question for you. What do you get when you combine Marvel superheroes, fan-favorite special agents, Joss Whedon, and Buffy/Angel alum?

Why, you get my new reason to keep my cable subscription till the fall:

This longer trailer gives us more of a feel of how the show is going to play out (in the early eps at least). And for all of you who were worried that Joss had lost his TV edge, you’ll be happily disproven in the first 45 seconds of this trailer (I do love snarky banter).

Getting to see more of J. August Richards in action is a nice bonus as well. He’s heavily channeling Gunn here (but then Gunn was basically a nice, semi-superhero, so the comparison isn’t exactly surprising). The real question is who he’s playing. Sadly, African-American heroes are somewhat sparse in the Marvel Universe. Rage of the New Warriors is the popular choice right now: he’s decidedly third tier (which Joss loves to mine for diamonds), the powerset fits with what we see in the preview, and he has a history with the Avengers. I’m hoping that his identity won’t be uncovered until the pilot; but the fall season is a long way off and the network will need to drum up more press as summer wears on, so I’m not holding out hope for that. Still, if I wasn’t onboard with “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” yet, this trailer does the job and then some.


Serenity Now!

FireflyMagWhedon apparently dropped this image on his Facebook page without comment last night. Proving, once again, that he knows better than anyone else how to bait nerds until they’re foaming at the mouth.

“Making the most of your bunk” indeed.

Nothing Can Stop the Mouse – Disney to Buy Your Childhood for $1

What do you love? What childhood property do you cherish?

The mouse wants it.

Strictly rumor-bait at this point (albeit rumor-bait from “very well-placed sources” who “are close to the parties involved”); Disney is reportedly in preliminary negotiations to buy Hasbro.

So Transformers, G.I. Joe, My Little Pony – huge chunks of the toy aisles – could soon be in the mouse’s gloved grasp.

It makes sense – Hasbro currently makes toys for both Marvel and Star Wars, so getting them “on board,” so to speak, is in Disney’s best interests. That Transformers and G.I. Joe – two of my beloved childhood properties could get swept up in the deal…well, neither has been treated all that well in the past few years, so maybe Disney could bring some order to the brands. Still…I’m wary.

PSA: Dr. Horrible to Air TONIGHT!

If somehow you missed the best web series ever (shut up, Adam) or failed to catch it on DVD or streaming (again, Adam, no comments), or haven’t found yourself humming “A Man’s Gotta Do What a Man’s Gotta Do” whilst taking out the garbage on Sunday night (Adam…SHOOSH); then you, my friend have a date with your TV tonight.

The CW (sigh) is giving “Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog” it’s first national TV airing at 9:00 PM! While I try not to advocate anything that CW puts on the airwaves (hence, why there’s been zero mention on this site of the sure-to-be-execrable¬†“Arrow”); “Dr. Horrible” is the greatest thing to come out of the writer’s strike of a few years ago (with “Transformers 2: Michael Bay Thinks Balls and Racism Are Funny” being the worst). If you have the means, I highly recommend it.

The Threeway: Best Post-Buffy/Angel Roles (Adam’s Take)

Ok, ok, ok; I know, I know, I know. I’m late. Like 3 days late. 3 days, threeway…coincidence? Yes. I’ve been busy. Thankfully Anthony and Janie held down the fort.

The bigger problem is that I had this all queued up. I knew exactly my Three. Then, I read Anthony’s column. And…apparently he and I do share the same brain. It was the exact same. Exactly (except his was better written than mine would have been). Thus, I went back to the drawing board. I couldn’t post the same stuff. No way! Back to the fight (“every single night, the same arrangement, I go out and fight the fight”):

3) Anthony Head – Giles got lost in the scenery toward the end of his time on “Buffy.” So much so they just wrote him off the series. Goodbye. He was “standing in the way.” But there was promise. He was going to be on “Ripper!” A BBC-show centered around the Giles character. It was going to be gritty. It was going to be a short-series with a self-contained plot. It was…the first of Joss’ pipe dream projects that weren’t meant to be.

2) James Marsters – Speaking of Joss pipe dreams…where’s that “Spike” show/movie/mini-series that was often discussed? Oddly, this was one that even Joss rarely mentioned. Marsters mentions it every time he can. Which makes sense, the guy just wants a job. This project never coming together is actually great. There was no character who was neutered, changed, altered and lost than Spike. Go back and watch the first few seasons of “Buffy” and then go watch the end. Then the “Angel” season. That character went all over the map in a bad, bad way. It’s better to let this “rest in peace.”

Ya gotta have Faith.

1) Eliza Dushku – The last of the rumor mill of death knell projects was Dushku in some Joss-helmed project where she’d be a high price escort whose memory/personality could be wiped clean and re-done every episode. There was going to be some series long plot line about the fall of humanity stemming from the technology used to wipe people. It’s an interesting premise, but combine that with Fox wanting it…it’s probably best that it never got made. Odds are it would have been completely dumbed down to a bad “Alias” rip-off and die with a whimper after two seasons.

Drop Everything! Manimal to Return!

Rawr (sadly, that’s better than any one liner ever featured on the show)

Not a hoax!

Not a joke!

The ridiculously brief, completely atrocious 80s TV series, “Manimal” has been picked up by Sony Pictures as the latest in completely nonsenical nostalgia cash-ins!

“Hey, what if we made TRON, but with a production value of zero?”

Really, I could care less. But for every ridiculous revival like this that happens, we get that much closer to a full on “Automan” remake.

Hey, a nerd can dream.