Happy Star Wars Day!

May the Fourth Be With You.


Movie Quote Monday: Other Adam’s Take

Since I have to stay up late, I figured I would do something constructive with my time. Lucky for me, one of my favorite Sci-Fi flicks is on.

As always, if you know the movie, feel free to give a quote from it in the comments.

“Wake up, time to die.”

Shirt of the Day: Malvin and Cobbes

Oh God.

Clearly, after last week’s challenge, Ript is determined to end me.


At least when I’m homeless I’ll have the shiniest collection of makeshift blankets ever.

You’ll find it today only at Ript. May they have mercy on your wallet.

2013 JoeCon Exclusives are all Lady-like, Demonstrate that Joes are Insane as Ever



JoeCon kicks off tomorrow, which means images of the con-exclusive toys are starting to trickle out.

Janie, I do believe you’re going to need to either get yourself a ticket to the con or start hitting eBay, because they obviously made this figure with you in mind:



Proof of Joe insanity after the jump (seriously, that they ever stopped Cobra from doing anything only demonstrates the severe ineptitude of Cobra). Continue reading

Movie Quote Monday: Other Adam’s Edition

Well since the original MQM Adam is sitting around with a thumb up his ass; I’ll take it upon myself to do today’s quote. Since we’re one day on the other side of Easter, I’ll do something to fit the bill.

“Are you a God?”

If you know the movie (I’d be shocked if you didn’t), please feel free to provide a quote in the comments.

Friday Diversion: Much Ado About Whedon

Back in 1993 Kenneth Branagh made Shakespeare cool. Well, to me he did. “Much Ado About Nothing” was the first truly “accessible” Shakespeare movie I had seen. Not sure if that was Branagh or the Bard, but “Much Ado” remains one of my favorite films.

As such, the Whedon remake intrigues and scares me. I rather he covered ground I didn’t find sacred. Do “Taming of the Shrew” or “12th Night.” But, I’ll live. Especially as I love how/why this film was made. Whedon and friends sit around every weekend drinking and reading Shakespeare. Why not film it?

First, onto the Diversion and the trailer:

First, before people calling me a Whedon Hater, I love, LOVE 95% of this trailer. I love the look. I love the music. I love the Black and White with hints of color. I love the arrangement of Whedon cast. I love hearing the dialogue I heard in the Branagh version. If someone new can crack humorous Shakespearean dialogue it should be Joss. And, even though he doesn’t speak in the trailer, Nathan Fillion should KILL as Dogberry (he’d be a better Benedict  but I’ll take what I can get).

What I didn’t like…don’t kill me Internet world but…

1) I’m not a fan of Amy Acker. Thus her being Beatrice doesn’t excite me. HOWEVER, she does pretty well in the trailer. So, right now this is a “pass.” I’ll hold judgement but not count anything against it.

2) The big problem is watching Alexis Denisof chew Shakespearean dialogue like a kid in my High School drama class. He doesn’t deliver any line (in the trailer) with any naturalism  It is all clunky. Nothing seems fluid. NOW, that might be fault of the trailer. “Much Ado” features rapid-fire dialogue  Chopping it up for the trailer may take it so out of context that it loses all ebb and flow. I hope so. I loved Denisof in “Angel” and have always been shocked he didn’t break into anything more after it (I assume his stints on “How I Met Your Mother” were gained by sleeping with a star).

On the double plus side, it’ll be nice to finally see Fred and Wes get together.

Friday Diversion: Off to OBLIVION

The Friday Diversion has been MIA of late. Maybe we can get it back on track. Seems the folks behind “Oblivion” have made another trailer. I think this is the 8th or 9th when you count Super Bowl spots. It seems like I keep seeing similar trailers for it, but all a little different.

This one, however, is a good deal different. And a good deal better. I liked the original trailer but every one since made the “Wall-E” aspect more and more pronounced. This one gives us a new look and I like it.

Today’s Diversion…

GUESSING GAME SPOILER ALERT? I know nothing of this movie other than the marketing. So, this isn’t a spoiler, just a complete guess. The trailer mentions the “we won the war” thing 2-3 times. Throw in a “so why did we have to leave” and the appearance of Cruise going rogue and we have our Act 2 Twist. I foresee something like “we” didn’t win but have to leave before annihilation or something.

My Little Alien: Facehuggers are Magic

I don’t know how Ript Apparel got a Malkovich-type door into my subconcious; but there’s really no other explanation for why this exists:


If you like your magical pony-folk with a side of homicidal xenomorph, today (and today only) is your lucky day. Click the pic for the link.

Friday Distraction: That’s No Cake it’s a Star Destroyer!

Keeping with the Star Wars theme, I give you a cake that will make you want to run your your x-wing cake knife (Okay that doesn’t exist, but it should.).

Star Destroyer Cake

While the thought and detail that went into the front is amazing; the back makes you wish it was your birthday, so you could make all the kids on your block jealous.