Question of the Day: JCVD’s best?

I was confronted with a question today…What is the best Jean-Claude Van Damme movie? I should laugh it off. It’s not a serious question. Yet, I’m intrigued with the answer. Is it:

  1. “Hard Target” – Directed by John Woo, it is easily the best directed JCVD movie.
  2. “Bloodsport” – The one that really started the JCVD phenomena. I still remember my dad telling me I *had* to watch it.
  3. “Timecop” – the only movie he ever did with an actual plot.
  4. “JCVD” – the meta movie.

Or another? Are you a big “Death Warrant” fan? Do you think “Sudden Impact” is the best “Die Hard” rip off, and thus deserving the Best JCVD award?

What is the best JCVD movie???



The first trailers for “Man of Steel” left me cold. The were bland, sterile, uninteresting. The last few have been better. This last one is flat out GREAT. This trailer pretty much cements my butt in the theater.

Seriously, not to extend the hyperbole, but this may be the greatest trailer ever made.

Welcome to Level 7

Here’s a question for you. What do you get when you combine Marvel superheroes, fan-favorite special agents, Joss Whedon, and Buffy/Angel alum?

Why, you get my new reason to keep my cable subscription till the fall:

This longer trailer gives us more of a feel of how the show is going to play out (in the early eps at least). And for all of you who were worried that Joss had lost his TV edge, you’ll be happily disproven in the first 45 seconds of this trailer (I do love snarky banter).

Getting to see more of J. August Richards in action is a nice bonus as well. He’s heavily channeling Gunn here (but then Gunn was basically a nice, semi-superhero, so the comparison isn’t exactly surprising). The real question is who he’s playing. Sadly, African-American heroes are somewhat sparse in the Marvel Universe. Rage of the New Warriors is the popular choice right now: he’s decidedly third tier (which Joss loves to mine for diamonds), the powerset fits with what we see in the preview, and he has a history with the Avengers. I’m hoping that his identity won’t be uncovered until the pilot; but the fall season is a long way off and the network will need to drum up more press as summer wears on, so I’m not holding out hope for that. Still, if I wasn’t onboard with “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” yet, this trailer does the job and then some.

Stream this NOW

Netflix really needs to do something about telling users web things come on and off streaming. They got blasted earlier this week with Streamgate. Not to worry. They made up for it in one motion:

Cabin In The Woods is now available for streaming.

Why are you still reading? GO! Go now. Start streaming. Go!