Movie Quote Monday

You know the usual rules. I put out a quote and you respond with another quote from the same movie. Not today! We’re mixing it up this morning.

This quote comes from “Hot Rod” and no one should be able to quote it. However, there is a great quote that asks a serious question. So this week, in the comments, answer the question:

Um, I was gonna ask you who you think would win in a fight between… a grilled cheese sandwich and a taco?

Who indeed?


3 thoughts on “Movie Quote Monday

      • No way. The grilled C has crispy armor and is essentially made of glue. Its durability is amongst the highest of its kind. No taco – whether crispy or otherwise – can stand up to the abuse. Now let’s talk attack power. The taco has projectile potential: tomatoes, olives perhaps, as well as chemical warfare (jalapenos, hot sauce). Now, against an inferior foe (hot dog, lettuce wrap) this burst potential gives the taco an easy victory. But the grilled cheese is a tank. It can withstand the burst, and wins over time with its razor-like crust attacks and mouth-roof scrapage. Hands down, grilled C is the winner.

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