New Iron Man 3 Trailer Shows Off Tony’s New Toys

So the third theatrical for “Iron Man 3” is out and it’s pretty good. More hints of Extremis conditioning, more of Mandarin taunting Tony (for the record, I think I’d choose “empty life,” mkay, thanks), and about a dozen new Iron Man suits.


Wait till the very end, my pretties. It’s glorious. I’m sure someone will ID them all at some point (Space, Underwater, Vegas Stripper Disposal) but I see at least one Hulk-Buster Armor in there. So my year’s pretty fucking made.

Hmm – well it looks like the Yahoo embed is broken, so we’ll got with a static link for now…


8 thoughts on “New Iron Man 3 Trailer Shows Off Tony’s New Toys

  1. Looks awesome. Can’t wait. Did we ever decide if Pepper is really in an Iron Man suit, as per the Lego spoiler?

    • Saw a review of that same set that confirmed it was Pepper in the armor on the cover and in the mini-comic that came with the set. So I think it’s pretty solid. Though who knows; maybe that’s not all that special in this movie – maybe everyone gets an Iron Man suit now. Pepper, Happy, the reporter he banged in Rio…

    • FYI – if one were so inclined to find a list of all the armors in the Iron Man 3 movie, say – on an other popular sci-fi blog, one might find that there is a special armor for a special lady in that list.

      If one were so inclined.

      • I still say that’s a great comic book idea and not a good movie one. I hope they prove me wrong.

        PS – Happy getting a suit would be awesome.

    • But really, it’s just Tony’s reliance on single-task tools that generates all these armors.

      Deep-Sea mission? That’s an armor.
      Rescuing blood-diamond miners trapped under the earth? That’s an armor.
      Hulk let one rip and leveled half of Brooklyn? Armor.
      Morning coffee? You bet your sweet ass that’s an armor.

      • My personal favorite is the set that allows him to butter his toast in the morning.

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