Friday Diversion: Off to OBLIVION

The Friday Diversion has been MIA of late. Maybe we can get it back on track. Seems the folks behind “Oblivion” have made another trailer. I think this is the 8th or 9th when you count Super Bowl spots. It seems like I keep seeing similar trailers for it, but all a little different.

This one, however, is a good deal different. And a good deal better. I liked the original trailer but every one since made the “Wall-E” aspect more and more pronounced. This one gives us a new look and I like it.

Today’s Diversion…

GUESSING GAME SPOILER ALERT? I know nothing of this movie other than the marketing. So, this isn’t a spoiler, just a complete guess. The trailer mentions the “we won the war” thing 2-3 times. Throw in a “so why did we have to leave” and the appearance of Cruise going rogue and we have our Act 2 Twist. I foresee something like “we” didn’t win but have to leave before annihilation or something.


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