The Threeway: Top 3 Sci-Fi/Fantasy Couples (Adam’s Take)

3smallIt’s Valentine’s Day. That means we need to roll out the romance. What’s a geek site to do, that publishes lists every Thursday, when Thursday and Valentine’s Day intersect? We populate with Geeky Couples of course!

First, there are some couple that I think are iconic, but don’t make the list. Lois and Clark being the most notable (I just never, ever, really buy into their relationship). Or Riker and Troi (just because you are Imazadi doesn’t mean you have chemistry). Or…whatever their names are in “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind” (wonderful love story, but if I can’t remember the character names, they can’t make the list).

buffy_angel1#3) Buffy and Angel: I was tempted to put them at #1. But, honestly,the Buffy/Spike fiasco of the later seasons diminishes this couple for me. Like Anthony said, I could make an entire list of Whedon characters: Buffy/Angel, Fred/Gunn, and Wash/Zoe are just a few. Angel/Cordelia, Wes/Lilah, Willow/Oz, Angelus/Darla,  etc., they are all great. I buy into their relationships every time I watch any episode and I’m immediately torn when, inevitably, Joss stabs us with an emotional dagger. The Season 2 finale of “Buffy” (where Angelus turns back to Angel, and now Buffy must send her lover, literally, to hell) was emotionally gut wrenching. Even re-watching it a few years ago it was amazing. TV rarely gets better.

#2) Randy “Macho Man” Savage and Miss Elizabeth: WHO? WHAT? Did I just throw in an 80s Pro Wrestling Couple? Yes, yes I did. Honk On It. Growing up I was a huge wrestling nerd. I hated, HATED, Savage (as I was supposed to). One reason was of how he treated his manager Miss Elizabeth. He’d make her hold the ropes open for him, hide behind her when a good guy was gonna rip into him, etc. He was smarmy and she was beautiful. savagelizHow was a 10 year old boy not to become enamored?

Then, he became a good guy. Of course, he was nicer to her. Their love blossomed on TV and capped off with a wedding (on a major PPV, naturally). Unfortunately, in an “art imitates life” way, their story was tragic. They were married IRL as well and then…badness. There was divorce, bitterness, drugs, etc. The fantasy world and the real world crashed, and there was no recovery (especially for her). I once met her (and her then boyfriend Lex Luger) at a Blockbuster. She seemed “out of it” then (in a “she was obviously high” way) and it saddened me. She died in 2003 of a drug/alcohol overdose. Every once-in-awhile (thanks to the WWE’s relationship with NetFlix) I’ll watch an old match and see their dynamic on screen. A historic relationship, enshrined by NetFlix, of wrestling’s “First Couple.” I wish their real life ending was happier.

#1) Han/Leia or Indy/Marion (does it even matter?): Personally, these two couples are interchangeable. Yes, Marion is tougher and Leia more stuck up, but…combine them with Harrison Ford just being Indiana Solo…As far as a “couple” goes, and if I had to pick, I’d take Han/Leia. Indy/Marion never seem “long term” in “Raiders” and, like everyone else, I just don’t count “Crystal Skull” as canon. Everything about each couple works, from their initial chemistry, interactions, dialogue, characters…they are both pretty perfect.



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