New Ghost in the Shell

It was announced that a new Ghost in the Shell series, Arise Ghost in the Shell, will be coming out at the end of July. I’ve been a fan of this cyberpunk world since I saw the original movie decades ago, and when Stand Alone Complex came out in the early 00’s I was overjoyed to dive back into that world again. It also gave little glimpses into the past of the cyborg protagonist Motoko Kusanagi. Not to mention it had one of the better openings for an anime. (The best being hands down the opening for Cowboy Bebop.)

So with that to live up to, the first teaser for the Arise is falling a little flat for me.

It just doesn’t seem to have that same pop or edginess that the last series had. Granted this is only a sample of things to come, so I will suspend my criticism until I see a few episodes. We can only hope that this series finally reveals the reason why Kusanagi just gave up on wearing pants.


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