Toy Fair: NECA Previews Pacific Rim’s 6-inch Apocalypse

Sit down chilin’ and let me tell a tell.

Once upon a time, in the snow-bound city of New York, there was a gathering of magical toy makers. These beings came from far and wide once a year to gather and show each other their wares. They did this to make agreements on what they would sell and when. And then the Internet came and Toy Fair became a vehicle with which pop culture spoilers galore could be disseminated to a troll-like community of nerds who had heretofore been unwelcome at the toy makers’ gatherings.

So here we are.

Pro tip, people – you don’t want to be flooded with toy-based spoilers all weekend long, you’d be smart to unfollow our fair blog now until the smoke has cleared on Sunday. That said – NECA has dropped pictures of their gorgeous “Pacific Rim” toys. So here’s Gipsy Danger and Crimson Typhoon in all their plastic glory.

Hopefully Toy Fair will give us our first glimpse of the monsters as well. We should know by tomorrow night!

Crimson Typhoon

Crimson Typhoon

Gipsy Danger

Gipsy Danger


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