The Threeway: Top Three Star Wars Characters that Most Deserve Stand-Alone Movies (Anthony’s Take)

3smallWith the news this week that Disney is not only giving us a new sequel trilogy but stand-alone character movies in-between…well…I know that there are a lot of Star Wars fans out there who have decided that it would probably be better to just buy new pants than try to salvage the ones they’ve been wearing.

So the news is out; but with none of the delicious details that we geeks crave (well there wasn’t as of the writing of this article…there is now; but that’s not important). So what’s a respectable nerd to do? Why make shit up, of course! I’ve come up with a few good ideas and plenty of bad ideas. Here are some of my favorites for the one-off treatment (don’t worry, you’ll get to see the awful, awful ideas next week).

Cade_Skywalker3. “Cade Skywalker: Legacy of the Jedi” – First stop on this magic mystery tour is from the “Star Wars: Legacy” comics. No! Wait! Come back! It’ll be worth it, I promise!

Still here? Good. Y’see, “Legacy” was one of the better series to come out of Dark Horse Comics’ treatment of the Star Wars universe and Cade Skywalker was one of their better protagonists. Last of the Skywalker line, he’s a drug-addicted smuggler/pirate who struggles to bury rather than develop his Force affinity. He’s swayed by both the Dark and Light side of the Force and you honestly don’t know which he’ll choose as the series progresses. He’s a bit of Han Solo, a very little bit of Luke, and still very much his own character.

DarthDAYUMPlus, Legacy is set hundreds of years of years after “Jedi” so, while it still manages to feel like part of the same universe (jack-booted Imperial officers in black pleather? Check), it has its own distinct personality (Sith masters clad in parasitic bio-armor? That’s new…). It might share a bit too much with the prequels for my liking (a heavily-tattooed red-skinned Sith? SHOCKING.); but I’ve made my peace with the fact that they’re part of canon now. Besides, if they can be utilized to give us something like Darth Talon (that’s her in the Sith-kini over there), well I can’t really complain, can I?

HanSoloLostLegacy2. “Han Solo: Smugglers Blues” – When I was a kid, I had a Star Wars book that I couldn’t put down. Han Solo and the Lost Legacy was the kind of pulp fiction that Han Solo was made for. It was essentially Indiana Jones in Space, but with Chewbacca and blasters. So what if the plot was obvious? So what if mashing up Harrison Ford’s two fan-favorite characters was the “easy” way out? It was fun. And it was something that I was dying to see more of on the big screen – Han Solo, freed of the ties of intergalactic conflict, earning his scoundrel reputation. When you think about it, Solo is the one character that doesn’t really have a proper rounding out in any of the movies. Sure, there’s a character arc; but what about how he got there to begin with? Darth is covered. Luke & Leia, we know more than we need to already. Yoda we’re good on. Hell, Chewie even gets some screen time in the prequels. Han’s the only Scooby with actual tales to tell (because, sorry Luke, the less I hear about your redneck adventures in Beggar’s Canyon, the better) and I think they deserve some screen time.

Obi-Wan-Kenobi1. “Where in the Universe is Obi Wan Kenobi?” – (It helps if you hum this tune while you read that title) OK – so Obi Wan defeated Anakin, grabbed baby Luke, and high-tailed it to Tatooine, where he spent the next 18-20 years hanging out and working on his Krayt dragon calls?


Obi Wan was someone who had spent the formative years of his life as an influential member of the Jedi Order and the Rebellion (or the Empire…or whatever the Rebels were when they were part of what they were Rebelling against…DAMN YOU PREQUELS). He was connected. He knew what was happening in the universe before others (many times because he was the one making things happen). With a new Rebel Alliance forming, I refuse to accept that he just gave that all up; that he just knew instinctually where to light off to when things hit the fan and the Empire caught up to them. Before he settled down and became “Crazy Old Ben,” he must have been doing the Jedi equivalent of deep covert ops, making sure he had all the intel he needed to keep his charge safe.

If the Clone Wars cartoon can mine years and years (and years) of material out of an infinitesimally small period in-between Prequels, I see no reason why we can’t start filling in the significantly larger gap between the third and fourth movies. This would be the perfect vehicle to highlight that.


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