The Threeway: Top Three Star Wars Characters that Most Deserve Stand-Alone Movies (Adam’s Take)

3smallWe here at the Sweep The Leg were looking for a way to discuss the new Star Wars stand alone movies (one being penned by Lawrence Kasdan). Rumor is a Yoda movie. Meh. Another is that Lucas is pitching a Jabba one. Double Meh (triple in that I want Lucas as far away as possible). Instead of rehashing old news and rumors we thought we’d go a step further. Let’s talk the three characters most deserving of a Stand Alone film (and, I’m going with the theory that Han, Luke, and Leia are “saga only” characters. So, no “Space Solo” or something, although, if I wanted a stand alone Solo film I think Anthony has the best take on it here.):

rogues1) Wedge Antilles – a completely side character who is overshadowed in the Trilogy. But he completely shines in the books. Further adventures of Wedge (and Rogue Squadron) would rock. I loved Stackpole’s (and Allston’s) X-Wing book series (a new one came out last year…mental reminder: need to pick that up) and could make a great stand alone movie. It doesn’t need to follow the books – just the idea of following Wedge and the Rogues. You have a character with some name value (among the core fanbase) and a fleet (in Rogue Squadron) that can have cinematic legs (and get Disney merchandise execs drooling over toy tie-ins). Added bonus, depending on how far in the future Episodes VII, VIII, and IX are, you can seed this movie with back-story for those saga films.

2) Lando – here’s a character with a shadowy back story. We know he’s a gambler and once owned the Falcon but that’s about it (and, yes, I know there is more about him in the books – I just don’t care.) He somehow gets control of a mining community. That’s an interesting transition. I’m intrigued how that happens. The only thing is that I’m sick of prequels (everywhere) so…whereas I like this, I can easily live without it. Although, if we do lando_smoothanother prequel-based movie, how about “Jango Unchained” with an early Jango Fett story? Where he learns to become a Bounty Hunter after being freed from a chain gang (probably by a nice Hutt)? Added bonus if Mace Windu is in it.

3) Someone new. What a cop out! I don’t even name anyone! Go me! Here’s the thing: the sequel trilogy will take place at some point in the future. There will be (ostensibly) new characters. More importantly, there will be new characters introduced in Episode VIII and IX that weren’t in any previous movie (like VII). Why not a full origin or a character (or world, or story line) that is pivotal in the sequel trilogy? For instance, in the original trilogy, there could have been a movie before “Empire” that introduces us to Lando. Or, a movie before “Jedi” that follows Lando/Chewie searching for Han. Things that flesh out the next trilogy, without being a prequel later.

What do you think? Who’s most deserving of a film? Next week we’ll see who is least deserving (and I’ll try and not serious pitch Jar Jar in a remake of “Public Enemy”).


11 thoughts on “The Threeway: Top Three Star Wars Characters that Most Deserve Stand-Alone Movies (Adam’s Take)

  1. Personally, I would bring back Warwick Davis as Wicket the Ewok. Years after the Endor Holocaust annihilated most of his planet, Wicket leads the remaining Ewoks on a calculated campaign of revenge using salvaged Death Star technology. It begins with the army of Ewoks destroying Naboo and wiping out the Gungans, leaving the remnants of the Empire and the New Republic forced to team up to combat the new threat.

    • Wow! A Dark Ewok Flick. I love it! I has to be loads better than the Ewok made-for-TV flicks from the 80s (I still can’t get parts of those out of my head). And, anything that gives Warwick a job (his caricature of himself on “Life’s Too Short” seems like it comes from a painfully true place) is a good thing.

      Oddly, I’m watching “Willow” with my 5 year old right now. Maybe a Wicket/Willow team up? Kinda like Van Damme playing twins in “Double Trouble.”

      • When you think about it, the Ewoks took out an entire armored battalion with nothing but sticks and stone-age technology. Then they most likely roasted the dead troops and ate them.

        That’s pretty fucking hard core.

      • I think there is no question that the Ewoks roasted those Troopers over those flames. Wasn’t there a shot at the end where they are playing drums with the heads of Storm Troopers (sure, just the “helmets” but we know better).

      • The Ewoks were totally prepared to eat Luke and friends, and only relented when their ‘god’ talked them out of it. They were also apparently based on the Viet Cong, so they’re pretty metal as far as teddy bears go.

      • I’d like to declare “so they were pretty metal, as far as Teddy Bears go” as the single greatest response to a story thread on this blog, ever.

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