Fast and Furious: Beyond Thunderdome

Just so we’re clear, the latest (last?) installment of “Fast & Furious” has decided to eschew all reality and just straight up do a “Mad Max” prequel. Right?

Alternate titles for this post include: “Fast & Furious: Battle of the Balds” and “Fast & Furious: We Don’t Need Another Diesel.” Now that I think about it, Vin Diesel and the Rock would be the most kick ass version of Master/Blaster EVER.


6 thoughts on “Fast and Furious: Beyond Thunderdome

  1. I think the franchise works like this:
    Part 1 – have a movie.
    Part 2 – remake it.
    Part 3 – Fire your stars. Remake it again, change countries. (much like “Halloween 3”
    Part 4 – bring everyone back.

    NOW, you have gotten all the mileage you can. Unless you start remaking other movies:
    Part 5 – remake Oceans 11 (and bring in The Rock).
    Part 6 – Remake Mad Max (and keep The Rock).
    Part 7… What’s the next remake? Inside Job? A live-action Cars 2?

  2. On behalf of the Jensen Interceptor Owners Club, along with Ford Escort (European, not the crappy Escorts we got here in the states) Rally Sport Association, I’d like to protest the gratuitous violence inflicted on these particular classic cars in this film. While it’s understandable that cars will be destroyed in the Fast and the Furious franchise, classic cars that are no longer in production should be exempt from such devastation.

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