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“Amazing Spider-Man” Costume Ditches the Crappy Oakley Eyes

Look ma! No body fat!

Look ma! No body fat!

Remember “Amazing Spider-Man?” Came out last year and was surprisingly uncrappy?

But remember how his costume looked like he raided a Sports Authority and scalped some basketballs, sewed them together, then shoved a pair of sunglasses in there?

Can you still hear the basketballs screaming, Clarice?

Can you still hear the basketballs screaming, Clarice?

Looks like the designers paid a little closer attention to their source material this time around; because the following pic made the rounds yesterday:


I’m still not a fan of the raised weblines, but the eyes are perfect. It’s what Spidey has been sporting since his inception and reflects his Ultimate Spider-Man costume (which provided a lot of the material for the reboot). Glad to see that they’re not resting on the success of the first movie and are actively working to bring the nerds to the (web-strewn) yard.

Movie Quote Monday

Two weeks in a row? How very! This week’s is one of the most quotable movies to come out of the 80s. I’ve been reading a book of film criticism about the movie (yes, there is a book about *this* movie) and I was reminded how awesome it is.

You know the rules. Put more quotes in the comments below.

Transfer to Washington. Transfer to Jefferson. No one at Westerberg is going to let you play their reindeer games.

Until next week.

The Threeway: Top Three Star Wars Characters that Least Deserve Stand-Alone Movies (The Other Adam’s Take)

3smallAfter last week’s celebration of love, finally another Threeway that I can stand behind.  We needed to do something that brought us out of the clutches of sweet, sticky lovin, and turn back to the dark hate that flows through our veins. Now I can finally use this hate to strike down the three most undeserving characters in a galaxy far, far away.

Hutt3.) The Hutts: While the back story for numerous Hutts are fairly interesting, there’s one simple reason that they should never be allowed to have their own stand-alone film. They’re nasty to look at. No matter how juicy the plot, there’s honestly no way that I could sit in a dark room for two hours looking at an intergalactic space-slug. Not to mention that, while the foam rubber version (which was horrendously grotesque) was an amazing piece of puppetry art; the CGI version (which you know they would use instead of the prior) looked god-awful.

Sorry space gangster, you’re just going to have sit this one out on your throne with your metal bikini-clad lady friend and crunchy frog treats. Continue reading

The Threeway: Top Three Star Wars Characters that Least Deserve Stand-Alone Movies (Anthony’s Take)

3smallSo we got a bit sidetracked last week, what with all the sugar-fueled love (except for my brother who suckles black bile from the teat of the beast every morning); but now it’s time to get back to what we here at Sweep-the-Leg do best.

Crap on completely theoretical concepts.

That right – it’s time to revisit our “Most Deserving Star Wars Stand-Alone” concept and take a walk on the Dark Side. Here are the characters that we hope the mouse shoves into a Sarlacc Pit to digest for a thousand years.

Come here often, do you?

Come here often, do you?

3) Yoda – You know what was awesome about Yoda in the original trilogy? He was this wizened hermit who dispensed ancient wisdom while wielding a power that was completely disproportionate to his appearance. Judge him by his size, we did, and the crotchety green bastard proved us so very wrong. Now, you know what was awesome about Yoda in the prequels? Not a fucking thing. He went from wizened hermit to green Force pinball, who’s grammatically challenged speech seems like more of a pompous affectation (I swear Windu rolls his eyes whenever Yoda starts talking. You can just hear the mental dialogue: “This shit again? Goddamnit, Yoda, you speak Common better than half the Senate. Your name isn’t even ‘Yoda!’ It’s Bob!”). Need to see more of him, we do not. And the first time he makes googly-eyes at some other shrively green whatever he is, I will eviscerate myself with a lightsaber. Continue reading

Movie Quote Monday

We are back! A long hiatus of Movie Quote Monday. I could blame Anthony or Janie, but this is really my bag. I’ll start back up with an easy one. You know the rules, you know the film throw in another quote in the comments.

I aim to misbehave.

See ya in the comments.

My Little Alien: Facehuggers are Magic

I don’t know how Ript Apparel got a Malkovich-type door into my subconcious; but there’s really no other explanation for why this exists:


If you like your magical pony-folk with a side of homicidal xenomorph, today (and today only) is your lucky day. Click the pic for the link.

Sunday Showdown: AFI vs IMDb #82

It’s the Sunday Showdown: continuing my comparison of the American Film Institute’s and Internet Movie Database’s Top 100 films.

This week, #82: Amadeus vs. Sunrise: A Song of Two Humans.

amadeusAmadeus. Hmmm… What is there to say about the film telling the life story of Mozart? For the original 1998 AFI list, Amadeus was #53. But Amadeus was one of the 23 films that completely dropped off when the AFI list was updated in 2008.  (Of those 23, only Amadeus and The Third Man are on the IMDb list.)  I’m not surprised it dropped off. It’s really one of those films that the story is great, but the movie is only good. I liked it as a period piece, but for me it still had that 1980s feel to it for some reason.


Sunrise — impressive techniques

Sunrise: A Song of Two Humans has been called the Citizen Kane of silent films.  I can see why. For a film made in 1927 it had some pretty groundbreaking cinematography.  It was directed by the German Expressionist director F.W. Murnau, but filmed in America (therefore eligible to be on the AFI list – no foreign films for that list).  It won an Oscar for “Unique Artistic Presentation” at the first ever Academy Awards.

I had no difficulty choosing Sunrise over Amadeus.  I think IMDb should take a hint from the AFI list and get rid of Amadeus completely. It’s not a top 100 film.

So the score: AFI – 13, IMDb – 6.

Next week Spartacus (More Kubrick!?!) vs. All About Eve.  Never seen either. Not really looking forward to the three hour Spartacus epic. Four of my last six movies have been 3+ hours in length.  And Easy Rider, which was only an hour and a half, but felt like three hours.

The Threeway: Top Three Sci-Fi/Fantasy Couples (The Other Adam’s a.k.a. the Valentine’s Day Grinch’s take)

3smallI don’t care for Valentine’s Day, and fortunately I married a woman that cares for it even less than I do. So, while my fellow geeks were eating chocolate covered strawberries while wearing their gold bikinis (looking at you Bro), I was sitting in a dark room brooding over this subject (Ed note: But apparently not enough to copyedit – HEYO).

With a minimum amount of respect, I waited until it was officially not Valentine’s Day to post my dark list of the top 3 worst Sci-Fi/Fantasy couples/relationships. So for your entertainment, I submit a list of lost love and disappointment.

willow and oz#3) WIllow and Oz: As most have stated here, if you’re looking for good relationships, look no further than the Whedonverse. This can also be said for bad ones as well, but the one that always stuck out to me was Willow and Oz. One’s a werewolf and the other is an aspiring witch. Their short love seems to be happy enough; but then Oz ends up cheating on Willow after he boinks another werewolf. To rub salt into the open wound in Willow’s heart, he uses the excuse that he’s the wolf all the time inside (No, that is not a good excuse as to why you crushed the happy, pixie heart of your girlfriend.). He promptly leaves her and Sunnydale to go to Tibet to learn how to control his urges. This, however, is not the reason that this break-up hits number three on my list. When Oz leaves, Willow moves on to Tara, and thus starts the longest rebound relationship that I’ve seen in the Whedonverse. The simple fact is that there’s barely any chemistry between the two characters; and it ends up adding a rather nasty flat spot to, what I feel, is one of the stronger characters in the series. Granted, Whedon eventually kills Tara off, sparking the rage of Willow; but by that time their relationship had grown more stale then a month-old Scooby snack. Continue reading

The Threeway: Top 3 Sci-Fi/Fantasy Couples (Adam’s Take)

3smallIt’s Valentine’s Day. That means we need to roll out the romance. What’s a geek site to do, that publishes lists every Thursday, when Thursday and Valentine’s Day intersect? We populate with Geeky Couples of course!

First, there are some couple that I think are iconic, but don’t make the list. Lois and Clark being the most notable (I just never, ever, really buy into their relationship). Or Riker and Troi (just because you are Imazadi doesn’t mean you have chemistry). Or…whatever their names are in “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind” (wonderful love story, but if I can’t remember the character names, they can’t make the list).

buffy_angel1#3) Buffy and Angel: I was tempted to put them at #1. But, honestly,the Buffy/Spike fiasco of the later seasons diminishes this couple for me. Like Anthony said, I could make an entire list of Whedon characters: Buffy/Angel, Fred/Gunn, and Wash/Zoe are just a few. Angel/Cordelia, Wes/Lilah, Willow/Oz, Angelus/Darla,  etc., they are all great. I buy into their relationships every time I watch any episode and I’m immediately torn when, inevitably, Joss stabs us with an emotional dagger. The Season 2 finale of “Buffy” (where Angelus turns back to Angel, and now Buffy must send her lover, literally, to hell) was emotionally gut wrenching. Even re-watching it a few years ago it was amazing. TV rarely gets better. Continue reading