Friday Diversion: Chrismas Hell Edition: Revolting Travolta

Here at Sweep-The-Leg we are more inclined to watch “Die Hard” on Christmas over “It’s a Wonderful Life.” We’ll howl at “Christmas Vacation” and never take a second glance at the “Miracle on 34th Street.” Thus, those sweet and sugary Christmas videos that go viral every December…we couldn’t care less.

Now, the truly awful ones (viral or not) – those we love. The ones crafted with love and care that you watch with abject horror and laugh all the way through (because you’re an evil person at heart)…now we’re talking!

Today’s Friday Diversion…I don’t even know how to react to this:

Oh, wait a sec, yes I do, with sarcasm! Who in the blue hell thought this was a good idea? I wanted those soldiers to shoot these two by the end. No such luck. Isn’t there a tenant of Scientology that prohibits acts of incredible disgrace? There should be. L. Ron would not be happy. Some thoughts:

– Why does their dancing as advanced as middle school dance?
– Why does ONJ drive at 5mph?
– How does Kelly not realize that John is gay?
– Why am I still commenting on this?


7 thoughts on “Friday Diversion: Chrismas Hell Edition: Revolting Travolta

  1. OMFG, what the hell is wrong with you? It was beautiful. Especially the part where the police guy is punking his own soldier son: Nobody here to hug you, ya bastard. Aw, just joshin’ – get on in here for a man hug.

  2. “We’ll make love all night then watch ‘It’s a Wonderful Life'”

    …said no straight man. Ever.

    It’s sad, really, it’s like he’s trying to prove he’s getting somewhere with the head cheerleader by saying he’s teaching her all about showtunes.

    • I second my brother’s fuck you, and add a, go fuck your cat in a dark room for making me watch this.

      Also everybody knows that you make love while watching “It’s a Wonderful Life.” It’s even better if you wait for the scene where George starts flying off handle at his family.

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