The Threeway: Top 3 Christmas Specials (Adam’s Take)

3smallHO HO HO! Merry (early) Christmas. To help get you in the Holiday mood, we’re doing our Threeway on the Top 3 Christmas Specials. In grand tradition, however, none of us are sure if that is the Best 3, the Worst 3 or something else entirely. Should be fun.

I’m going with “something else entirely.” These are my three favorite Christmas themed clips/specials. The power of Youtube is in my hands!

#3 – Mr. Bean – The Nativity. Mr. Bean is simply brilliant. The over childlike and impish behavior is a dazzlingly joy to watch. I thought I was funny putting Humphrey Bogart in my manger scene. Bean has a host of toys that makes this best Nativity you’ll ever see. It’s the best 3 minutes you’ll spend today (and, yes, even more than the three minutes spent on the “Pacific Rim” trailer):

#2 – South Park – The Spirit of Christmas. This narrowly beats out the “South Park” Mr. Hanky episode. Solely because this is thing that started it all. This “Christmas Card” tackles the age old question of who would win, Santa or Jesus. Yes, this is a tad sacrilegious, but it is still incredibly funny:

#1 – “Star Wars Holiday Special” – Not many people have seen this atrocity. And, that is a shame. Everyone should be tortured with this at least once. Before the prequels dove into how bad of a filmmaker George Lucas really was, the “Star Wars Holiday Special” gave us a glimpse. Aired only once, the story follows Chewie’s family on “Life Day” as they await Chewie to come home. 90% of the dialogue is in Wookie. The other 10% comes from Art Karney and Bea Arthur (I only wish I was making this up). And, it included special music numbers, like this:


9 thoughts on “The Threeway: Top 3 Christmas Specials (Adam’s Take)

  1. The Mr. Bean Christmas special is a yearly tradition in our house, so much so that whenever we see a nativity we have to say “Baaa…shhhh” to each other.

    • Laura – I think you’re the one that referred me to the Mr Bean Nativity episode. I plan on unleashing it to Anthony later today.

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