Pacific Rim UK Trailer: SO. MUCH. BRAHHHM.

The BRAAAAAAHHHHM returns with reinforcements in the UK release of the “Pacific Rim” trailer. But unlike any of the other myriad of instances (including in today’s “G.I. Joe: Retaliation” trailer”) I could care less. In fact, I welcome it. Hell, they’re using the BRAHHHHM as the power-up sound for the Jaegers! That’s not exploitation, that’s embracing the cheese.

The trailer itself is the first solid intel we have on how this movie works; how the dual pilots integrate, where the monsters come from (and the fact that they are varied in shape, if not size); how the pilots themselves are viewed as somewhat outside normal society. And the cinematics? To say I’m erect is underselling my level of excitement.

And…is that Ellen “GlaDOS” McLain as the voice of the onboard computer? I need to go change my pants.


8 thoughts on “Pacific Rim UK Trailer: SO. MUCH. BRAHHHM.

  1. I had zero interest in thisovie until now. Damn that’s a good trailer. Whoever thought “we’ll make a rock’em sock’em vs “Godzilla” movie” is a certified genius.

    • The answer is “every other Japanese animation studio ever (when they’re not making porn or schoolgirl shows)”

      Still – to see the bones of that in this kind of treatment. It’s mind-blowing.

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  3. Personally thought using the voice of GLaDOS for the voice of the Jaeger’s computer system was a nice touch. Also BRAAAAAAHMMMMM

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