WALL-E and Tom-C

I’m 100% sold on “Oblivion.” Seriously, the marketing of this film can stop now and I’m a guaranteed $9. The poster alone, released last week, was enough. Now, the trailer:

I’ll be honest, I’m a sucker for pretty much anything post-apocalyptic. I love the aesthetic of an overgrown forest in a once major city. Hell, I like “A.I.” pretty much just for their visit to MANhatten*. Thus, the marketing of “Oblivion” speaks to me.

Now, the bad…damn this looks like a live-action version of “WALL-E.” I mean…damn. Even the Cruise-mobile looks like it was off the same future Apple manufacturing center that (probably) creates Eva. But, that’s OK. I love “WALL-E” So I’m OK with a recycled version of it (especially since recycling was pretty much the theme of the movie).

Can’t wait until it comes out. Unless there’s a scene with Cruise singing “Hello Dolly.”

* Although I really, really, really wish Spielberg had ended it 20 minutes earlier. I once wrote a different ending to it, that would have wrapped it up (thematically) without going to the “2000 years in the future” bit. Oh well.


4 thoughts on “WALL-E and Tom-C

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