In Space, No One Can Hear You Build

OK, I wasn’t going to post YET ANOTHER awesome LEGO build so soon after the amazing Firefly from the other day; but, but…just look!


Intrepid builder Mihe Stonee didn’t just build a USCSS Nostromo, they built the USCSS Nostromo; going so far as to reference original blueprint drawings and the actual model from “Alien.” It’s absolutely gorgeous and deserves to be ogled from every possible angle. I’m in awe. Click here for more detailed shots of the completed work.


2 thoughts on “In Space, No One Can Hear You Build

  1. Speaking of the Nostromo, if you’ve never seen the video of the original model being pulled out from the building it was sitting behind and restored, then click now. I found it rather amazing that this piece of Sci-Fi history was almost lost to the ages.

    Also an update on the lego Serenity. Apparently a company is now making a version that will cost $385. I will now suspend all communication with you brother, so you can do the horrible things that you must to get the money to buy this. I will call in a few weeks once you have regained some dignity.

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