The Threeway: Top 3 ThinkGeek T-Shirts (Anthony’s Take)

3smallNot content to merely flirt around with ThinkGeek’s prodigious t-shirt catalog last week; we decided we needed a little more time to really dive in and pick out the gems. Made of cotton. Cotton gems, then. Like lint balls. Only…geeky…

On with the shirts!

d3e6_interesting#3: I had to include at least one “Firefly” shirt. Since I actually owned the “Curse your sudden, but inevitable betrayal” model at one point, I figured I should include this, more obscure, but equally delicious, Wash reference. Be a leaf on the wind when you wear it.

expendable#2: So say you’re a redshirt and you start to think “Y’know, I actually survived that last away mission! Those other guys were wrong! I’m not just cannon fodder! I actually have a chance of surviv-” Then you open up your locker and you see your uniform has been replaced with this, just to drive the point home.

c32e_Sunny_Dale_High_School#1: I. Love. This. Shirt. First of all, I went to Sarasota High School, so…SHS; it’s got me there. Second, it’s understated enough that it might take a second glance to realize something odd is going on. Third, it’s a “Buffy” shirt. I don’t need a third. Just watch out for roving vamps when you wear it.


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