The Threeway: Top 3 ThinkGeek T-Shirts (Adam’s Take)

Way back last month (last week, as it were) we did our Threeway on ThinkGreek products. We had a blast but thought that we need to dive deeper. The ThinkGeek products are great. But we barely scratched the t-shirts. The t-shirts are where it’s at. So we thought we’d take another go at it this week, focusing on the shirts.

electronic_rock_guitar#3 – Electric Guitar. I love this entire line from the TG crew. The idea of shirts with electronic interactivity on them delights me to no end. The strumming guitar shirt is my favorite of the bunch (with the drum kit a close second). To bad these didn’t exist when I was growing up. I would have added them to my arsenal of weapons used to annoy my sisters. (Ed note: And to further repel potential mates)

#2 – Jaynestown. See! A “Firefly” shirt! I’m not a hater! I know that Anthony and Janie have far more “Firefly” love than I, but I really, really, really loved the show*. They may be bigger geeks ijaynestownn the land of the Whedon-lovers, but, really, I’m up there too. This shirt proves it.

Plus, I love understated geek shirts (much like Anthony’s SHS shirt he mentioned this morning). Shirts that you can, ostensibly, wear anywhere and no one understands. Then, you catch one like-minded soul smiling at you, nodding their head with a gleam in their eye. We geeks need to stick together – shirts like these help us identify each other in a crowd.

#1 – SOCK sock monkey pornMONKEY! OK, not a shirt, per se. But, I saw this while going through the TG catalog and…WOW. This is just pure awesomeness. So many possibilities. I’m only half kidding when I say I love this so much. I don’t know why I’m such a Sock Monkey fan, but I am.** I’m also a big Monkees fan. Wonder if that has anything to do with it?

* For the record – I don’t have the same love for the movie.

** My 6 month old has a Sock Monkey onsie. I often put him in it singing “Sock Monkey, that funky Monkey. Sock Monkey, that Monkey’s funky.”


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