Ready Reader Two


Rejoice Geeks! Ernie Cline has written again! Or, at least, is getting paid to promise to write again. Either way – a glorious day!

For those not in the know, last year Cline published “Ready Player One.” It might be the best novel ever written about 80s Pop Culture. Seriously, the ability to quote “WarGames” is an important skill/plot point. Not only is it packed with more 80s references than a good Kevin Smith movie* – it’s a fantastic story. If you haven’t read it – go get it. If you are reading this site there is no question you’ll devour that book. is reporting that Crown just bought the rights to Cline’s new book “Armada.” That’s the good news. The bad news is that they bought a “20 page treatment.” That means…there’s no book. There’s an idea, but no actual book. So, we wait. And wait. And wait.

My guess is that he delivers to them sometime next summer, they edit, he refines and it goes away for printing. I hope to see this in my hands by Spring 2014. (NOTE isn’t giving a timeline – I’m purely guessing.)

Wonder how many times I’ll re-read “Ready Player One” in the mean time.

* – yes, I know there are no good Kevin Smith movies anymore. But, “Clerks” or “Mallrats” would qualify. I could have said “more 80s references than the movie ‘Fanboys'” but that would have been overselling (given the author).


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