The Threeway: Top 3 ThinkGeek Products (Anthony’s Take)

Me and ThinkGeek go way back. It was there that I cut my teeth on my burgeoning t-shirt addiction (sad was the day when the 1-Up Mushroom shirt finally gave up the ghost and was relegated to car-drying duty). But quickly I learned that is a veritable Bag of Holding (in canvas or dragon skin) for all those geeky items that you don’t ever really need; but you really need. Looking for last minute plush microbes for the kid’s stockings? ThinkGeek’s got it. Need chopsticks fashioned after Alien Chestbursters? TG has got you covered. Want to dress up like Slave Leia and pose provocatively on a Wampa-skin rug? Amazingly, the helper monkeys have anticipated your kink and have exactly what you need.

I could make a list based on the t-shirts alone (Ed Note: next week’s Threeway, we’re totally doing this); but I decided to branch out and take a deeper look into the catalog. Of course, as my colleagues have noted, nearly every page is going to have something you want. These just happened to tweak the brain chemistry tonight.

3) Zombie Hunters vs. Zombies is the perfect example of what ThinkGeek does best. Take a product that has been successful for eons, preferably one that your target audience would have grown up with (in this case, plastic Army Men), shake it in the hopper with a couple of geeky pop culture references, and, BAM, you’ve got a hit! When I went to the site tonight, I didn’t know these existed, I didn’t want them. But one glance at the retro packaging and the mashed-up goodness, and a pack was chilling in my Cart before I even knew what happened. More like Zombie Ninjas (oooooh – I wonder if they’ll make a pack of Zombie Ninjas next!).

2) The Monty Python Killer Plush Rabbit on the other hand…this baby has been on my wish list for a while. Now that my son is old enough to appreciate the sight of a tiny bunny making a knight soil his armor (“I did it again!”), I think this will have to make its way to our castle; if only so that I can throw it at him whilst screaming “Lookit tha bones!” Now if only they had a plush Holy Hand Grenade.

1) This spot was supposed to be for the replica Aliens pulse rifle; but that has sadly gone to that great ThinkGeek archive in the cloud. Still, I would give Luke’s right hand for a Severed Wampa Arm Ice Scraper. If ever there was an example of how TG just gets us, this is it. They could have slapped a cheap plastic blade on a plush arm and been done with it. But no, they went the extra mile, made it look like the real thing, and then put red plush around the end to give it that authentic “just hacked off by a lightsaber” look. I live in freaking Florida, where the only ice I see is in my margarita down by the beach, and I still need this with an ugly, aching addiction.

Addendum: There’s a Blue Canary in the Outlet by the Light Switch? Seriously? I freaking love this site.

Who watches over youuuuuu?


4 thoughts on “The Threeway: Top 3 ThinkGeek Products (Anthony’s Take)

  1. Too bad you didn’t need a fourth guy in the corner just watching for this ThreeWay. Think Geek’s stuff is alway fantastic, but I must say you hit it out of the park with the Blue Canary in the Outlet by the Light Switch.

    Who watches over you indeed.

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