The Threeway: Top 3 ThinkGeek Products (Creepy Guy in the Corner Edition a.k.a. Other Adam)

3smallI’m usually just a fill-in guy when one of the three is unable to write due to work or an early squash game, but after seeing so many nice things, I couldn’t help myself. I just felt an irresistible urge to stop my heavy breathing and step out of my dark corner to join in this Threeway. So while my top three ThinkGeek products may be as well received as a droid with a bad power converter; I feel my opinion must be shared before being beaten back into my dark corner by my Geeky Overlords.


3) Star Wars Han Solo in Carbonite Ice Cube Tray is that perfect little combo between necessity and ice cubes. Also it makes a fantastic gift to give to that special someone. Even if it’s just to be able to reply “I know” when they say “I love you,” for giving them such an amazing gift.

2) Are you a replicant desperately trying to blend in to the bladerunner_led_umbrellanormal earth population? Well then you will need the Blade Runner LED Umbrella. I’ve always been a fan of this movie, and I must say the temptation to own a wee little umbrella that lights up is rather tempting. Not to mention you will be the envy of soggy Blade Runners everywhere. Just remember to keep your crazy unicorn dreams to yourself.

canned_unicorn_meat1) Does this product have value? No. Does it look or taste appetizing? No. Will it take you to a magical realm where fairies fly out of your pie-hole to sprinkle all things with a scented magic dust? Hell yes! I’m surprised nobody picked this item because Canned Unicorn Meat is the perfect symbol of why this site is so fantastic. In reality you don’t need any of the crap that is sold on ThinkGeek, but at the same time you need everything that is sold on this site. Like the previously mentioned Tauntaun Sleeping Bag, this was originally one of their April Fool’s items, but somewhere along the line we stood and cried, “we need that!”

So that’s my take. Hopefully my Geeky Comrades will be kind to me before I’m forced back into my cage to quietly scarf on my potted unicorn meat in solace.


5 thoughts on “The Threeway: Top 3 ThinkGeek Products (Creepy Guy in the Corner Edition a.k.a. Other Adam)

    • The Han Ice Cubes (and the Han chocolate bar) were also both on my short list. I didn’t want to overload on SW though (and I NEEDED to display the sleeping bag).

      • It would have been on the top of my list if it hadn’t been on the top of yours.

        Really, they could just shut down the store and make it and they’d still make the same amount of money.

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