The Threeway: Top 3 ThinkGeek Products (Adam’s Take) is wonderland. Every page holds an image of a product that I *must* have. Every single page. To prove this to myself – I just clicked on the “Doctor Who” page. I’m not even a Who fan – but I would totally love the heat changing TARDIS coffee mug. And that board game looks interesting as well. Thus, this week’s topic is hard. How can I narrow down the Top 3 products on their site? I can probably find three in the “Star Wars” section alone. Let alone food. And caffeinated soap? I do so want to try that someday.

BTW – off topic here for a second, but as I surf through the site this has me perplexed – why does categorize Bacon and Zombies together? They don’t even have any combiner zombie bacon ideas. Like a zombie-fied wild boar. They have a Star Trek Zombie shirt – why isn’t that a dual category? What purpose does this serve? Do zombies secretly love bacon as well?

Any rate, on with the Countdown:

#3 – Star Trek Cycle Jerseys – I have NO CLUE why I like these. I didn’t want to include them in this list, but I keep coming back to them. I don’t cycle but my sister is trying to talk me into a Half Iron Man (which would include a fun 56-mile bike ride). If I do – I might 100% need to pony up for one of these. I love how it’s even a red shirt. That way when you wipe out and crash – you are wearing the color of expendability! Maybe ThinkGeek will package these with whatever Lance Armstrong was dopping with.

#2 – Zombie Slippers – OK, I didn’t know these existed before I went to the fore mentioned Zombie/Bacon page. Now I must have them. Hell, I may have just found my wife’s “big” Christmas gift. Who hasn’t watched “The Walking Dead” and not wanted to kick through the skull of a zombie? There isn’t an episode that goes by where I don’t wish for that catharsis.

#1 – Tauntaun Sleeping Bag – What else could really have #1? This is really the “grand daddy” of all the ThinkGeek items. When you need something to keep you warm, until you can get the shelter built, this is it! Starting off as an April Fool’s joke, ThinkGeek had to add this to their catalog based on the inquires they received – for something that didn’t exist. Unfortunately, I am waaaaaaaaay to cheap to buy it. $150? Really? I could almost build my own ship for that.


8 thoughts on “The Threeway: Top 3 ThinkGeek Products (Adam’s Take)

  1. To answer your question, yes zombies love bacon! Heck bacon loves bacon. In fact the original version of the Ouroboros was actually bacon eating itself.

      • I think for accuracy the sleeping really does need to reek on the outside, and smell like a five-day-old road kill opossum on the inside.

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