Friday Diversion: Double Your Pleasure

With the Thanksgiving Holiday just around the corner. Many of us are just trying to think of how in the world we’re going to make it through numerous uninterupted hours of extended family bonding. While certainly not the intentions of Metro Trains Melbourne, their PSA may provide an answer.

Second, we here at S-t-L have learned that Hostess is closing its doors, and thus the Twinkie as we know it will soon be no more. I’m sure it will come back in some respect, but who knows what it will look like. It might end up being just like the classic Twinkie, but then again it also might become a horrific Star Wars prequel-esque monstrosity that robs your childhood of all its innocent memories, and then comes back for more by re-releasing the classic as the creator initially intended it to be. (I’m looking at you banana cream filling, we don’t want you here!)

So ponder that horror as you watch this one.

If that clip makes you emotionally erect, than you may want to check out CakeSpy’s “Sweet but Dark: Fifty Ways to Kill a Twinkie.”


One thought on “Friday Diversion: Double Your Pleasure

  1. You’ll be able to get original Twinkies, but only as an extra in the 12 pack of fish-flavored TWINKOS (they tested well with the 5-10 crowd).

    Also, you’ll have to hack a limb off whenever you want to eat one.

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