You Got Hobbits in my Warp Drive!

Need more incentive to go see “The Hobbit” when it drops next month? Fancy your fantasies to have phasers instead of wizard spells and aliens instead of elves? Then you’re in luck! If you pony up for an I-MAX 3-D ticket, you’ll be treated to an extended 9-minute preview of “Star Trek: Into Darkness.”

I didn’t need any more incentive to see Bilbo get conned into working gratis for a bunch of dwarves; but this certainly doesn’t hurt. EW has the original story.


6 thoughts on “You Got Hobbits in my Warp Drive!

  1. It will be so much dramatic when Bilbo says “energize,” and beams all the way to the lonely mountain to shoot Smog in the eye with a phaser.

  2. Wait, a 9-minute preview? They looking to bloat this experience even more? They already inflated the kids book to three movies, and then (I believe) put the running time at 2 1/2 hours. Throw on previews and now another 9 minutes? Go to a midnight showing and you might get out in time for work the next day.

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