The Threeway: Top 3 Things Missing From My Geek Resume (The Other Adam’s Take)

While I may not bathe bucknaked in the sea of geek like the other two A’s; I more than just stick my toe in the waters. In fact I would say that I pretty much stand chest deep and usually think of going deeper.

That being said, my knowledge of geeky things is extensive, and being a trivia nerd, it has come in handy more than once. However, there’re just some things I don’t know. A few of those oversights are enough to get my geeky brethren to rush up to Atlanta. Just so they can tie me to a tree, throw copies of the Star Wars prequels around my feet, and set me ablaze.

These three things will ensure that if not corrected, I will never see the pimply gates of Geek Heaven.

3.) Firefly – According to my brother I have committed a sin that is worse than getting drunk with pandas on Flag Day. (Note: if you haven’t tried this, it’s totally worth it.) When the world was standing up from their greasy, chip-stained couches and crying foul when the show was canceled, I was not paying attention. While the quiet sobs of my brother could be heard over 3 time zones while he watched “Serenity” for the 50th time in the movie theater (No I will not write the spoiler, even though we all know that Wash dies …oops), I was just getting around to knowing about its existence. When the “Firefly” reunion happened this year at Comic Con, and a rather audible *fap, fap, fap* could be heard around the globe, I was still wondering if I should watch the series.

The main reason this isn’t #1 on my list is because I’m in the process of trying to correct this gap in my geek resume. I’ve actually watched the first few episodes, and I must say I like it. I don’t think my brother will be completely happy until I have belly tattoo that say “Serenity. ” (Ed note: This is true.)

2.) Comic Books – I can tell you a lot about the Marvel and DC universes. I can tell you that Iron Man likes his drinky drink, Rogue learned about her powers after she kissed a boy and put him into a coma, and that there’s more than one kind of kryptonite and each one effects Superman differently. What I can’t tell you is where these things first appear, who wrote the book, and a lot of times who created the character in the first place. (Note: If it’s Marvel just toss out Stan Lee, and you have a good chance of being right.) In short, aside from a handful of graphic novels, I just don’t read comic books.

Where does my knowledge come from you may ask, well one source is the good old interwebs. I love character creation, so I tend to go on hour-long jags reading bios on Wikipedia, but the main source, the holy of holies, is my brother’s brain.

Sorry Bro, but I’ve been latched on you like a lamprey for years; sucking out your comic book knowledge bit by precious bit.

1.) Dr. Who – I can’t tell you the difference between a Cyberman or a Dalek, other than that one looks like a guy in a bad robot costume, and the other looks like a fire hydrant with a penis. I have never sat down and watched one episode of this show, nor have I had the desire to. As for the good doctor himself, all I know is that at one time he wore a scarf, and at another time he was played by Christopher Eccleston.

So while this may be the longest running sci-fi series of all time, I just have no desire to watch it, and I’m guessing that will continue into the foreseeable future.

Forgive me Geek Gods, may I be smote with the annoying ramblings of a thousand Jar Jars.


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