The Threeway: Things We Want to See from Disney/Lucasfilm Merger (Anthony’s Take)

While I might not be quite as giddy about the Disney/Lucasfilm merger as my compatriot (though I argue that few could reach his level of fervor); I’m still overjoyed to see my favorite properties ripped from Lucas’ midget/amputation fetishist hands (Seriously, if the man could have made all of “Jedi” nothing but Ewoks running around and cutting each other’s arms off, he would have).

A lot of what I want has already been hinted at or announced, so let’s break down what’s got me hot and bothered and what could send me into a rapturous geek fit. (Any and all similarities to Adam’s list are unintentional…even though it appears I copied him entirely.)

3) Episode VII – When I first heard that Disney wanted a new Star Wars movie by 2015, I assumed that they would be shoe-horning even more narrative into the increasingly packed timeframe between the trilogies. When I heard that we would finally be lighting off into the unknown territory AFTER the original trilogies, I was ecstatic. Lucas has said that he “always” had treatments for Episodes 7-9. I don’t know that I necessarily believe that; but by now he certainly has something down. And one thing that Lucas is great at is coming up with ideas that are otherworldly and familiar at the same time. What he’s not so great at anymore is translating those ideas to screen. So his ideas of “what happened next” to the characters he originally saw as the stars of this universe, paired with some solid directorial talent…? Where’s the line start? I’ll be first.

2) Indiana Jones and the Journey into that Long Goodnight – Please, for all that is holy, let Indy go. Maybe make a cartoon about “Young Indy” or even release a game that keeps the property alive; but let’s just agree that Harrison Ford had an amazing run and shouldn’t have to don the fedora again (unless he’s doing it for kinky reasons…which, can you blame him?).

1) Star Wars Land – Adam took the more logical, rational route in that he suggested Disney revitalize Hollywood Studios with Star Wars properties. For me, that is not nearly far enough. There are several undeveloped parcels of land on property in Orlando that could be used to create an entire Star Wars theme park. I’ve seen what the Imagineers can do with a teeny corner of a park (that AT-AT gets me every single time I round the bend); I want to walk through the ships and locales that I’ve only seen on screen. There could be Empire and Rebellion themed sections! They could base the sections on the various planets! Hell, they could even put a dumpster out back and label it “Prequels.” I would never, ever leave.



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