Lucas to Donate Proceeds of Merger to Fund Education

As much grief as I’ve given George Lucas over the years (or…um…earlier today), I will readily admit that he is a good human being who has a deep interest in creating a better future for our children. He founded the George Lucas Educational Foundation a while back and made a very public pledge in 2010 that he would turn his eye increasingly towards philanthropy.

Along those lines, he has announced that he would be donating the majority of the $4.05 billion that he will directly receive from the merger (since he is the 100% owner of Lucasfilm and the company carries little to no debt) and put it towards education.

Somewhat shockingly, there is a lot of snark and cynicism over this decision (because it’s the internet and most people adhere to the Greater Internet Fuckwad theory); but I would like to be genuine…just for a second.

Thank you, George, not only for your generosity, but for giving us a shining example of how to live.


2 thoughts on “Lucas to Donate Proceeds of Merger to Fund Education

  1. Seconds after signing that contract offered anyone in an Ewok costume to sever his hands for an additional 100k.

    In all seriousness, this is a great thing that he’s doing.

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