Enter the Iron Patriot

I really don’t have an excuse to post this. We’ve seen the Iron Patriot armor from “Iron Man 3.” We know what it’s going to look like.

But, gawrsh, if this isn’t just the purtiest screen capture I ever dun seen.

Iron Patriot

Also, here’s our confirmation that it’s Rhodes in the armor (embiggen and check out the call sign on the chestplate).


The Threeway: Top 3 ThinkGeek Products (Creepy Guy in the Corner Edition a.k.a. Other Adam)

3smallI’m usually just a fill-in guy when one of the three is unable to write due to work or an early squash game, but after seeing so many nice things, I couldn’t help myself. I just felt an irresistible urge to stop my heavy breathing and step out of my dark corner to join in this Threeway. So while my top three ThinkGeek products may be as well received as a droid with a bad power converter; I feel my opinion must be shared before being beaten back into my dark corner by my Geeky Overlords. Continue reading

The Threeway: Top 3 ThinkGeek Products (Anthony’s Take)

Me and ThinkGeek go way back. It was there that I cut my teeth on my burgeoning t-shirt addiction (sad was the day when the 1-Up Mushroom shirt finally gave up the ghost and was relegated to car-drying duty). But quickly I learned that ThinkGeek.com is a veritable Bag of Holding (in canvas or dragon skin) for all those geeky items that you don’t ever really need; but you really need. Looking for last minute plush microbes for the kid’s stockings? ThinkGeek’s got it. Need chopsticks fashioned after Alien Chestbursters? TG has got you covered. Want to dress up like Slave Leia and pose provocatively on a Wampa-skin rug? Amazingly, the helper monkeys have anticipated your kink and have exactly what you need.

I could make a list based on the t-shirts alone (Ed Note: next week’s Threeway, we’re totally doing this); but I decided to branch out and take a deeper look into the catalog. Of course, as my colleagues have noted, nearly every page is going to have something you want. These just happened to tweak the brain chemistry tonight. Continue reading

The Threeway: Top 3 ThinkGeek Products (Janie’s Take)

I’ve been begging the guys to do this Threeway for weeks. I love ThinkGeek.com more than almost anything in the world. Most days I would gladly trade my children for any given t-shirt on the site. I would trade my husband for almost all the Firefly items.

I should send my family there to shop for me for Christmas since they could randomly pick out almost anything on the entire site and it would probably be perfect for me. Don’t tell anyone, but I rank my friends into: casual, close, and “I love you –  I know” categories based on how many of the Think Geek jokes they would get/appreciate.

Picking just three items  was hard. Continue reading

The Threeway: Top 3 ThinkGeek Products (Adam’s Take)

ThinkGeek.com is wonderland. Every page holds an image of a product that I *must* have. Every single page. To prove this to myself – I just clicked on the “Doctor Who” page. I’m not even a Who fan – but I would totally love the heat changing TARDIS coffee mug. And that board game looks interesting as well. Thus, this week’s topic is hard. How can I narrow down the Top 3 products on their site? I can probably find three in the “Star Wars” section alone. Let alone food. And caffeinated soap? I do so want to try that someday.

BTW – off topic here for a second, but as I surf through the site this has me perplexed – why does thinkgeek.com categorize Bacon and Zombies together? They don’t even have any combiner zombie bacon ideas. Like a zombie-fied wild boar. They have a Star Trek Zombie shirt – why isn’t that a dual category? What purpose does this serve? Do zombies secretly love bacon as well?

Any rate, on with the Countdown: Continue reading

Cranky Geek Bites

I’m in a pissy mood, but apparently there are THINGS YOU SHOULD CARE ABOUT zipping around in the ether. I would provide links and whatnot; but I’m cranky. I don’t want to be bothered right now. This should get you through any casual geek conversations for another week:

  • Bryan Singer is getting the gang back together for “X-Men: Days of Future Past.” McKellen and Stewart have already signed on to reprise their roles as Magneto and Xavier, respectively; and there are rumblings today that Jackman is being wooed to SNIKT the claws out one more time. I couldn’t be happier. Those roles have always been the best cast in all the X-Men movies; and since we’re dealing with post-apocalyptic future X-Men, it makes sense to have the mentors and the immortal still kicking around.
  • Guillermo Del Toro’s kaiju flick, “Pacific Rim” has teasers galore spouting up around the web. So far there has been a monster attack video, a PSA, and leaked memos and giant robot blueprints. The robot design is impressive and the blurry-cam shots of the first kaiju is…Cloverfield-ish. So I’ll give this a 50/50 good news/bad news rating. Fingers crossed for giant nuclear dinosaurs!
  • Yesterday marked the release of IDW’s first of their ongoing “My Little Pony” series (don’t lie – I know you care about it). It’s fun, true to the new cartoon, and looks great. My five-year-old daughter and 10-year-old son were equally rapt. I would say that’s a nice accomplishment.

There…that’s all I got. Now go away while I glare at toys I can’t afford on BigBadToyStore.

Sunday Showdown: AFI vs IMDb #85

After a couple week absence, I’m back with the Sunday Showdown: The American Film Institute’s Top 100 vs. the Internet Movie Database’s Top 100. This week we’re at #85: AFI’s A Night at the Opera vs. IMDb’s Full Metal Jacket.

Everybody might want to mark this day on their calendar.  I actually enjoyed a Stanley Kubrick film. Okay, maybe “enjoy” is too strong a word. But I was very pleasantly surprised by Full Metal Jacket.

I liked it better than The Marx Brothers’ A Night at the Opera . I am not a Marx Bros fan, and A Night at the Opera is not nearly as good Duck Soup anyway.

But moreover, to compare apples to apples, I enjoyed Full Metal Jacket more than last the last comparison, #86’s Platoon.  I had never really watched either of them before – too young when they came out in the movie theater in the mid-80s, too apathetic all the years after. War movies aren’t my favorite.

I liked Platoon, but was mildly irritated that the real fighting and betrayal was between the U.S. soldiers.  (Although I get it: that was the point… we are our own enemy).  But I thought the story was fine, acting was fine, everything was fine.

But there was nothing even close to Vincent D’Onofrio going absolutely nuts like he did in Full Metal Jacket.  It was so painful to watch but impossible to turn away.  Plus Adam Baldwin (not a Baldwin brother, for those of you not in the know) was in it, looking exactly the same as he did in Firefly – my Jayne hasn’t changed much over 20 years.

Kubrick makes it onto the lists seven times – more than any other director (Spielberg and Chris Nolan both come close with five apiece). So I guess I might as well make my peace with him.

So the score stands at AFI – 11; IMDb – 5.

Next week is Easy Rider (AFI) v. The Green Mile (IMDb).  Believe it or not, haven’t seen either.

Me, Grimlock Say Happy Space Thanksgiving!

Happy Turkey Armageddon from us here at Sweep-the-Leg. Enjoy a bit of pulp fiction space dino with your morning prep (be it cooking or starving yourself for the onslaught of calories later).

Me, Grimlock Want to Save Space Princess!

(It’s available over at Ript till midnight tonight in case you want to break the Thanksgiving purchasing embargo)

Friday Diversion: BOMBCORN

Well…not exactly “bombcorn;” but when was the last time you watched a guy cook popcorn in a vintage bomb suit?

Since nearly everyone is off tomorrow, and by now you’ve forgotten all about work and are dreaming of turkey; we’ve got a special Wednesday diversion for you. This clip from the special Thanksgiving episode of Mythbusters (hopefully still available in reruns) shows the glorious things that can happen when you mix Alton Brown in with the Mythbusters crew.

Movie Quote Monday

Special Thanksgiving Travel Edition:

There’s no way on earth we’re going to get out of here tonight. We’d have more luck playing pickup sticks with our butt-cheeks than we will getting a flight out of here before daybreak.

You know the rules. Post additional quotes below. Happy Travels this week.