Darth Disney


That sentence should break the Internet. WTH? Disney just threw $4 BILLION at King George and walked away with the Holy Trinity (and those other movies). Oh, and they say they want a new “Star Wars” movie in theaters in 2015 (and Lucas will only consult on it).

Even if the movie never happens – this is a MAJOR acquisition for Disney. The Merchandising and Theme Park rights alone should give them plenty to play with. When Disney announced “Avatar” land (or whatever) for Animal Kingdom I was perplexed. Why not arrange a deal with Lucas to do a Star Wars themed park? Looks like they were a step ahead of me.

I’m optimistic. I’m giddy. I’m sure to be let down, but in the mean time…


UPDATE 1: Disney is getting full control of everything. “Star Wars,” LucasFilm, “Indiana Jone,” LucasArts, Industrial Lights & Magic (ILM), etc. The bought the entire Lucas farm.

UPDATE/Question 2 – Does this make Princess Leia a Disney Princess? Cuz, Slave Leia fits in sooooo well.


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