Friday Diversion (Saturday Edition): Happy Hallozombmas

With Halloween almost here, and more importantly the day after Halloween when all the leftover candy get’s knocked down to 50% off or more. We’re already being barraged by snowmen and Santa paraphernalia; I know here in Atlanta stores have been putting out Christmas stuff out since the end of September, SEPTEMBER! While some say this is just a ploy to sell more Christmas stuff. I think it’s because “The Man” is trying to make one giant, mutant, soul sucking, food gorging, gift buying, holiday.

One may wonder what this crazed mutant hybrid may look like, but I think this week’s video by Sufjan Stevens may hold the answer. It has something for everyone, family, zombies, Santa, Frosty, and a nice hat tip to “Evil Dead.”

So sit down, relax, and enjoy a nice glass of brainnog. Also make sure kiddies who believe in Santa are out of eyesight of this fluffy vid.


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