Movie Quote Monday

This is another of those movies that don’t quite fit with the whole Halloween theme; but damn if it isn’t one of the most disturbing scenes ever. I saw this movie once over 20 years ago and I still can replay it fully in my head.

I will show you the life of the mind!

You know the rules. If you know the movie – put more quotes below. If you don’t know, fess up and ask for the title and then watch it. Well, that scene at least (the rest of the movie can be somewhat daunting to get through).


4 thoughts on “Movie Quote Monday

  1. Sadly, I can’t quote this movie. I mean, I can say “there’s the greatest devil encounter scene ever” but that harkens an ambiance, not a quote.

    Funny thing (to me) about Cohen movies. I usually love them (and BF is no exception). Oddly, the smaller they are (in Box office) the more I like them (I don’t particularly like “No Country” or “Fargo” but love “Hudsucker” and “Lebowski”). Odder still, I usually never re-visit their movies (except for Lebowski). It’s like I find them so special that I fear if I rewatch them the films won’t be “the same.”

    • True – this was kind of a mean one to put up since that is the ONLY quote from it that’s memorable. But I had that jammed sideways in my brain, so I figured it was best to inflict it on the public at large.

      I go back and forth on the Cohen Bros – I like their movies while I’m watching them, but I don’t feel a need to rewatch.

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