Iron Man 3 Trailer (For Realsies This Time)

Not a joke! Not a hoax! The full trailer for “Iron Man 3” hit the web last night. Check it out in all its “RDJ sports boy-band hair” glory.

You good? I’m good. I’m tingly. Mandarin’s introductory line in the trailer “Ladies, children, sheep…” is a freaking glorious setup for the character and sets an absolutely perfect tone for what appears to be the deconstruction of Tony Stark. Seriously, I’ve watched this trailer a dozen times already. I’m listening to it right now as I type this out. I. Cannot. Wait.

Let’s do a guided tour for some of the more interesting bits, shall we?

  • :19 – Shades of the “Demon in a Bottle” storyline as Tony talks about dealing with the stress of NYC and “Avengers”
  • :21 – Our first shot of the “Extremis” type armor, where it flies on to him in pieces (wonder if they’ll go the full “Extremis” route and he’ll end up with the armor embedded in the hollows of his bones)
  • :38 – Sentient armor? About freaking time – his armor has gained sentience and gone rogue at least a dozen times in the comics (also in the “Demon in a Bottle” storyline, natch). It’s actually a really clever way to shoehorn in another villain without having to, y’know, add another villain.
  • :48 – Iron Patriot! That’s definitely Roddy in his dolled up War Machine armor. My guess is that it serves a similar purpose here as it did in the comics (superficially at least) – when Iron Man is gone (and Captain America is out to lunch) this armor theoretically provides the symbolism to fill the gaps and ease the panic.
  • :52 – Tony going under the knife could go one of two ways – further integration of the armor (ala late issues of “Extremis”) or a (most decidedly doomed) attempt to remove the arc reactor and give up being Iron Man.
  • :59 – Mandarin’s rings! That they focused on them…I can’t tell you how much joy this brings me. It’s like the director said: “Shhhh, nerds – I get it. See?”
  • 1:00 – In case you were doubting the sentient armor angle, here’s a shot of the armor menacing our fair hero.
  • 1:15 – Can anyone make a trailer anymore without the “Inception” BROOOOOOONG? No. No they cannot.

Other bits such as Tony defeated (though I’m guessing at least a few of those shots are of the armor being defeated), Pepper in peril, Mandarin as a terrorist, paint the major characters beautifully and set the board for what should be a thrilling chess match.

April can’t get here fast enough.


17 thoughts on “Iron Man 3 Trailer (For Realsies This Time)

  1. An interesting thought, though…I still haven’t seen “Dark Knight Rises” (a vicious oversight, for sure); but there’s definitely an element of Bane and the Bat in this. Granted, I’m considerably more interested in seeing Mandarin “school” Iron Man than I am in seeing Batman find yet another reason to be a moody sourpuss; but I wonder if that parallel will hurt, help, or even be noticed.

  2. Nice deconstruction of the trailer. Some additional thoughts (from a non-comic perspective):
    1) I liked it a lot. Tingles in all the right places.
    2) The shot of the plane blowing up reeks of TDKR (it was even in that trailer). I would have left it out of the trailer (as, you’re right, there’s already a Batman/Bane vibe going on).
    3) What’s up with the rings? I aint geeky enough to get it.
    4) I love, love LOVE the false ending with the “light” on the logo going out. That’s brilliant.

  3. The one thing that might redeem that plane shot? I suspect that’s Tony’s armor doing the dismantling, or him losing control of it.

    The rings are an integral part of the Mandarin character. In the comic, they’re goofy magic rings that give him all his power (like one is a Cold Blast ring and another is a Mind Control ring). I seriously doubt they will have any sort of eldritch power here (actually, I hope they don’t); but he has them, that’s enough of a nod for me.

  4. Additional tidbits I’ve gleaned from the web as the trailer has been dissected:

    The brunette in peril is the scientist who develops Extremis, so signs are pointing towards that operation have something to do w/ the Extremis project.

    The unidentified body about halfway through the trailer may be Happy Hogan…with a familiar blue glow under his shirt. If this pans out, then they may be trying to cram in YET ANOTHER modern Iron Man plotline…this one just after the Extremis arc in which Stark tech was used to create suicide bombers. In that arc the villain was Obadiah Stane’s son; hopefully they don’t try to smoosh all that in too; it’d be way too much for what already promises to be a very complex story.

    • Two more things:

      Someone on Twitter referred to the giant bunny in the mansion thusly: “What’s with the giant, armless bunny with the weird tits?” Now I can’t freaking unsee it.

      The arc reactor that winks out at the end of the trailer and the one that lights up after the real ending…they are not the same hardware.

  5. Ever since I saw Ghandi, I can’t shake my mental picture of Kingsley in that role. So this character is just an angrier Ghandi to me.

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