The Threeway: Best TV Halloween Episodes/Specials (Janie’s Take)

Halloween episodes – you gotta love ‘em.

I’m not a fan of You’re a Good, Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown or whatever that Peanuts special is called. But I’m not a Charlie Brown fan in general because…YAWN. So all my picks come straight from TV shows.


#3: “Slutty Pumpkin” – How I Met Your Mother

It was 2005. HIMYM was just beginning (seriously, has HIMYM really been on for 7 years? Who the hell is his wife already??). It was a great episode all the way around. Ted’s at a Halloween party looking for a woman he met years ago –  a woman (Katie Holmes!) in a Jack-o-lantern costume with the holes at… inappropriate places.  Thus: Slutty Pumpkin. The story is pretty cute, but what is brilliant is Barney’s realization that if he strikes out with a woman, he can just change costumes and try again. Dawned a whole new era of Halloween pick-up strategies.

#2: “Halloween” – Buffy the Vampire Slayer

I loved this 1997 episode mostly because I thought it was fabulous that in the Whedon-verse Vampires were relatively quiet on Halloween. You know, because there were too many freaks out on that night.  So true.  A1 already spoke about this ep briefly, and I agree that its follow-up a couple seasons later (“Fear, Itself”) is every bit as good.

But I also loved this episode because it dealt with Buffy’s insecurities about herself:  balancing being strong/independent/capable with being a desirable woman. And coming to the understanding that strong is sexy to right man. A lesson every 18-year-old girl needs to learn.

And can I say I am the biggest Buffy/Angel shipper *ever*?? Gawd, I miss them.


#1 “The One With the Halloween Party” – Friends

Because Chandler came to the party in a pink bunny suit and Joey came as Chandler. Because Monica gave out money to trick-or-treaters when the candy ran out. But mostly because Ross came as Sputnik, but we all know what he really looked like…


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