The Threeway: Best TV Halloween Episodes/Specials (Adam’s Take)

I never thought the Halloween themed posts would be hard for me. I struggled with the Candy one last week (although I feel like I came up with a good list). This week…Halloween specials? The problem is that every show has a Halloween episode nowadays (hell, “Modern Family” had one). So there’s really nothing special. I could dig into the usual bag (“Great Pumpkin” for instance) but that’s too easy.


3) Treehouse of Horrors – “The Simpsons” Now, maybe Treehouse of Horror II was better (or VII or whatever). I don’t recall any specific segment of any of the episodes. But, even after “The Simpsons” went downhill, I still watched the Treehouse episode. Those times are gone now, sadly, but I still appreciate them.

2) This one is a cop-out. I was going to go with the Slutty Pumpkin from “How I Met Your Mother” but Janie used it. And, since my #1 is also on Janie’s list…I needed to change.

In my mind’s eye I have a vision. My 8-year old self watching an episode of “Knight Rider.” I don’t know if it was a Halloween episode (officially) or not. But I have an image of KITT at the Psycho house. It’s one of those freeze frames from childhood that stays with you forever. I don’t know what the episode was about (I could google it, but that seems like a waste of 10 seconds of my life) but the thought of it still freaks me out.

1) Halloween – “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” – This one takes the cake (er…candy?) for me. What any show should aspire to in a Halloween episode. It is filled with character and plot that isn’t “out of nowhere.” It fits naturally into the environment and theme of the show. Plus, it gives us our first glimpse into the background of Giles (as Ethan appears – is this the episode where “Ripper” comes from? I can’t recall (and am too lazy to check right now)).

The plot is relatively simple – the Scooby Gang buys costumes and they turn into that costume (Xander a military action figure, Willow a ghost and Buffy an 18th-Century damsel in a-dress. Bonus is that it started the tradition of Halloween-themed episodes for the show.


7 thoughts on “The Threeway: Best TV Halloween Episodes/Specials (Adam’s Take)

  1. Did you just call my #3 choice “easy?” Admit it, you would’ve picked it too; but didn’t want to crib your ENTIRE list from me and Janie.

    And, yes, “Halloween” gave us our first mention of Ripper. Also Ethan’s first appearance.

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