No Monster “Munsters”?

This week our Threeway will focus on Best Halloween Holiday specials. Here’s one that will likely never make a list like that.

Next Friday, NBC airs “Mockingbird Lane.” It was supposed to be a Pilot for a new “Munsters” series. Looks like NBC came to their senses and shelved the series. Cutting their losses they are airing this beauty as a Halloween special:

I may watch this out of morbid curiosity. It looks frightfully bad. I used to love the “Munsters” though. I am confused why they don’t look like monsters though. Wasn’t that the entire point of the show? This is like non-fat bacon. An idea that might sound good in theory but should never, ever, be tried in reality.


3 thoughts on “No Monster “Munsters”?

  1. I dunno – I think that Eddie Izzard looks pretty horrifying with or without makeup. And I must admit the anti-climatic “boot-up sound” being the trigger for reanimation made me snicker. I’ll be willing to give this a shot, if only because horror and comedy can be such a delicious combination when meshed properly.

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