The Threeway: Best Halloween Candies (Janie’s Take)

Halloweens, in general, are some of my fondest childhood memories. I was raised in South Florida in a rather strict religious household. But for whatever reason, my parents didn’t get caught up in the “Halloween is the Devil’s heyday” hoopla. They basically understood Halloween for what it was:

A chance for kids to get free candy.

Each Halloween my brother and I planned methodically how we would hit each group of houses in our neighborhood so that we could reach as many as possible in our limited time. I daresay efficiency and productivity engineers could not have better planned our Halloween strategies. After all, we were a couple of kids who regularly got fruit for dessert. Halloween was all about getting as much candy as possible. And then trading with each other to get more of our favorites. Pure joy.

So when we talk about Top 3 Halloween candies today, I do it with reverence.

#3: Candy necklaces. Sure it tasted like plain sugar, but who cares? This was one of my favorites because you could take it with you. Portable candy that never had to leave your body — what more could a kid want?  Possible downside: you sometimes got in trouble because even though your mom gave you permission to eat it, she didn’t deal well with finding you still eating it seven hours later while in bed. But worth any trouble it caused.

#2 Full Size Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. God bless the people who gave out full-size Reese’s packets for Halloween. In our neighborhood, we were known for changing costumes and heading back to those houses to get more (and it didn’t have to be just Reese’s, we went back to any house giving full-size candy bars; but Reese’s were my favorite).  As adults, we know how fattening and bad for you these are. But as kids, was heaven ever any closer?

#1: Blow Pops. First it’s candy, then it’s gum. Two for one. Made it the greatest Halloween candy ever. 


One thought on “The Threeway: Best Halloween Candies (Janie’s Take)

  1. Fattening? Bad for you? You should be thrown out of the threeway just for uttering those words whilst we’re talking CANDY.

    And besides, everyone knows that peanut butter is protein. Reese’s are practically HEALTH FOOD.

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